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Asset TypeAsset TypeCryptocurrency
StructureStructureFor Profit Company
Project StatusProject StatusWorking Product
Funds raisedFunds raised35M
CountryCountryUnited States
Key personKey personBrendan Eich

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Information{coin_name} ({symbol}) Information

Why use a browser that treats you like one? Enjoy private, secure and fast browsing with Brave.

Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform. The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Brendan Eich
Founder, Vision, Strategy

Created JavaScript. Co-founded Mozilla & Firefox

Brian Bondy
Engineering Lead

Previously: Khan Academy, Mozilla, Evernote

Yan Zhu
Security & Privacy Engineering

EFF Fellow. Previously: Yahoo, Tor Project, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger

Scott Locklin
BAT Smart Contracts & Economics

Co-founded Kerf Software. Machine Learning, Forecasting & Quantitative Finance


Brave Software Inc.

Company NumberCompany Number SIC Codes: 737,73
512 Second St., Floor 2, San Francisco, CA, 94107

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What do BATs represent?
The utility tokens are intended for use on the BAT platform, a new Blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform. Ownership of the tokens carry no rights other than the right to use them as a means to obtain services on the BAT platform, and to enable usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed. The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the BAT platform, and/or Brave and its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.
Where will BAT be used?
We are building the BAT platform to integrate the Brave browser (see below), Brave’s ledger system, as well as a BAT wallet and related blockchain-attested functionality. The utility token is for conducting transactions and obtaining services on the platform. The token will be used, for example, in acquiring ad slots to be filled with privately matched, anonymously confirmed ads. Given the open-source nature of the project, however, we also envision that as we develop the BAT protocol, third-party developers may come up with new and novel uses for the token. Some of these could include: Other browsers: One obvious use case for the token is for it to be used inside other browsers. This means that the BAT ecosystem will extend out to anyone using any of the current popular browsers. Telegram bot: In messaging apps like Telegram, we foresee the possibility of users being paid in BAT to view one ad. WeChat official account: WeChat has become a robust system of bots, payments, and other solutions. We foresee the creation of different WeChat solutions integrating the the token. Token and Status: The BAT also has attention-based applicability inside the Ethereum-based messaging/payment platforms such as Coinbase’s new Token app and Status app. These apps must be fraud-resistant if they are to participate.
Why generate a distinct token, as opposed to using Bitcoin?
BAT is not a digital currency, it is a utility token. It can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users on the BAT platform, and can be utilized to directly measure, exchange, and verify attention. Bitcoin would not enable this distinct, in-platform problem solving. Also, an integral part of the token sale was the creation of the BAT user growth pool (UGP) of 300 million tokens, which will be used to incentivize users to join the BAT platform. Finally, using BAT on Ethereum allows for faster scalability than using Bitcoin.
What is the roadmap?
The BAT 1.0 Roadmap is available here:
Will I lose my BAT after 6 months?
The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is built upon the ERC20 token standard. As such, any purchased BAT are not subject to a 6-month "use it or lose it" policy. In the near future, we will use tokens set aside in the User Growth Pool (UGP) to incentivize users to join the platform. If these tokens are not claimed by recipients within 90 days then they will be returned to the UGP.
What are the VAT/GST implications of my voluntary contribution?
At this time Brave does not believe the voluntary contributions are subject to VAT/GST, on the basis that they represent pure donations and are not linked to any benefits being derived by the voluntary contributor or another third party. The Brave browser gives all users exactly the same level of experience, regardless of whether such users are voluntary contributors to publishers. However, as provided in the Brave Rewards Contributor Terms of Service, you are responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to your voluntary contributions. You are also responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting and remitting the correct taxes, if any, to the appropriate tax authorities. You may wish to consult a tax advisor regarding these issues.
What was the value of BAT sold? Will there be a follow-on sale?
We sold the equivalent of 156,250 ETH, or 1 billion tokens. We do not plan to have a follow-on BAT sale.
When the token sale was completed, where were the funds (ETH) stored?
We use the standard Ethereum multi-signature wallet to store the ETH paid for the BAT.
How can a publisher apply to become part of BAT platform that is being integrated into the Brave browser?
If you are a publisher or content provider interested in joining the BAT platform on Brave, the best way to get going is join the current Brave publisher program here. Then we will transition you onto the Brave BAT platform once it is launched.
How does BAT deal with ad fraud?
We’ve covered the problems with ad fraud in the existing ad model in this post, but here are just a few ways that BAT deals with ad fraud: the token eliminates third-party traffic sourcing, and the Basic Attention Metrics (BAM) system reduces fraud entry points. The code will be auditable as open source, with attention and engagement verified using Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) protocols. Ads and payouts will be rate limited, and user growth pool token awards distributed over time to make bot operations less desirable.


Key metricsKey metrics
ProofProofProof of work
Token InformationToken Information
Basic Attention Token is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0x0D8775F648430679A709E98d2b0Cb6250d2887EF.

Source Code Repositories

brave-intl/bat-ledger 30 Stars 6 Contributers 35 Open Issues

A BAT-based micropayments system for users and publishers


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
1,000,000,000 (67% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0x7c31560552170ce96c4a7b018e93cddc19dc61b6 226,593,699.6736 BAT: UGP Reserve
0x66f820a414680b5bcda5eeca5dea238543f42054 95,000,100 Bittrex 3
0x4e9ce36e442e55ecd9025b9a6e0d88485d628a67 90,000,000 Binance 6
0x030e37ddd7df1b43db172b23916d523f1599c6cb 68,700,000.4089
0x5fab35b5dbf99af58e5c72b0ce57069bf7a41f3b 53,625,000
0x27d88c47548647dac946f6b9782218d28e71e5cf 36,000,090
0x312da0eae223b2062ecd4d3f3a1100eb7d4414b1 35,319,459.0015
0xa30d151ab62f032908dca6b5e7ee21b0c47e3cb6 30,000,000
0xa28756335d08b15a316190807a4502878abc061a 29,757,389.7282
0x340d693ed55d7ba167d184ea76ea2fd092a35bdc 26,506,593.5943
0x07320deb2713370a3d7b49189fc2f99906e1ae8e 21,807,717.9443
0x8984269fafc8b2a6553af2e525357315f2d43d71 17,875,000
0xa9c2d110e05a76b7e0108df7c35e67da52105e94 17,875,000
0x324e287b85b47a6612d87cf27dd3f69bbdf93672 17,875,000
0xc3590c15cd253e93a70430f4c1e254ae9303748e 17,000,000
0xe0f6ef3d61255d1bd7ad66987d2fbb3fe5ee8ea4 15,600,000
0x9d3937226a367bedce0916f9cee4490d22214c7c 14,600,000
0xc8640c740210d0178d369001e19ae9d7c1d8a70f 13,200,000
0xff8e2295ef4ad0db7afadc13743c227bb0e82838 13,000,111.1111
0x629c0cc404105a88620ac5577b07ed917c55dab5 11,547,886.5533

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance BAT/BTC $0.3242 -0.05% $3,465,985 0.14% 0.47%
Binance BAT/USDT $0.3232 -0.36% $1,258,562 0.19% 0.37%
Coinbase Pro BAT/USDC $0.3243 -0.02% $1,017,712 0.26% 0.26%
Upbit BAT/KRW $0.3286 1.3% $543,295 0.26% 0.53%
Binance BAT/ETH $0.3241 -0.09% $500,834 0.35% 0.95%
Bittrex BAT/BTC $0.3257 0.39% $379,213 0.07% 0.74%
Binance BAT/BNB $0.3240 -0.13% $157,056 0.34% 0.8%
Coinbase Pro BAT/ETH $0.3239 -0.14% $89,095 0.65% 0.73%
Bittrex BAT/ETH $0.3242 -0.07% $70,806 0.86% 1.5%
Binance BAT/TUSD $0.3210 -1% $69,545 0.56% 1.7%
Bitfinex BAT/BTC $0.3269 0.76% $48,959 0.98% 1.1%
Poloniex BAT/BTC $0.3243 -0.02% $48,843 0.17% 0.68%
Bitfinex BAT/BUSD $0.3244 0% $37,858 1.1% 1.5%
Binance BAT/USDC $0.3228 -0.51% $34,981 1.5% 1.6% BAT/USDT $0.3221 -0.7% $30,165 0.74% 1.8%
BTC Markets BAT/AUD $0.3267 0.7% $26,482 2.6% 2.6%
Bittrex BAT/USD $0.3240 -0.14% $26,416 0.92% 1.4%
Poloniex BAT/USDT $0.3223 -0.65% $25,103 0.83% 1.7%
Bitso BAT/MXN $0.3237 -0.23% $14,989 1.9% 2.3%
Binance BAT/PAX $0.3236 -0.26% $14,507 0.53% 0.71%
Bitfinex BAT/ETH $0.3245 0.02% $10,813 1% 1.7%
Poloniex BAT/ETH $0.3246 0.06% $10,163 0.73% 1.4%
Bittrex BAT/USDT $0.3205 -1.2% $9,461.16 1.2% 1.2%
Bitso BAT/BTC $0.3260 0.49% $4,587.45 14% 29% BAT/BTC $0.3259 0.45% $1,453.44 1% 19% BAT/ETH $0.3268 0.73% $1,433.34 1.9% 79%
BTC Markets BAT/BTC $0.3489 7.6% $203.59 59% 59%

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