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Cortex is a decentralized and autonomous AI system that utilizes the blockchain. The goal of Cortex is to provide state-of-the-art machine-learning models via the blockchain.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Ziqi Chen

M.S. University of California, Santa Cruz, Machine Learning. M.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Civil Engineering. B.E. Tsinghua University, Civil Engineering. Co-founder of zchen@bitcointalk. Miner Since 2013.

Weiyang Wang

M.S. University of Chicago, Statistics. B.E. Tsinghua University, Aerospace Engineering and Economics. MXNet Contributor, awesome project. Deep Learning and Cryptography. Winner of Fintech Hackathon, Dorahacks 2017.
 Certified Financial Risk Manager.

Yang Yang
Blockchain Chief Engineer

M.S. Tsinghua University, Computer Science. B.E. Dalian University of Technology, Computer Science. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Waterhole IM backend architect. Co-founder of Miner Since 2015.

Xiao Yan
Chief Deep Learning Engineer

Ph.D. Candidate
. B.E. Tsinghua University, Computer Science. AI & Blockchain Researcher. Quantum Computing Researcher. Cryptocurrency Quantitative Trading. National Olympiad in Informatics Winner.

Amy Chen

M.S. Columbia University, Electrical Engineering. B.S. Queen's University, Electrical Engineering. B.A. Queens's University, Economics. Organizer of Low Carbon Blockchain Forum - EcoMobility World Festival 2017. Miner Since 2016.

Wentao Tian
Senior AI & Blockchain Engineer

M.S. CUHK, Computer Science. B.S. Xiamen University, Computer Science. ACM Gold in China & Asia. Quantitative Trading Algorithms. Reinforcement Learning Expert. Distributed System.

Yongze Wang
Operating Business Developer

Dalian Minzu University. Technology Enthusiasts. Worked at Bitauto (NYSE: BITA), responsible for content planning and marketing. Implemented multi-channel online marketing and marketing programs for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford.

Oscar Wei
Operation Specialist & Junior Programmer

MLA Harvard University, Management Information Systems. B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics. Web Developer. Google Analytics IQ / Google Adwords Certified.

Liqing Wang
Operation Specialist & Junior Programmer

B.S. Massey University, New Zealand. DipSc&Tech, Massey University, New Zealand.

Yan Pan
System Engineer

Database Expert. OpenStack/Kubernetes Expert. Decentralize Storage Expert. Go / Python Expert.

Longtao Wang
Blockchain Engineer

B.E. Tsinghua University, Computer Science and Technology. CMO Bronze Medal in China.

Zhen Li
Blockchain Engineer

M.Phil. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Computer Science and Engineer. B.E. Tsinghua University, Computer Science. AI, Blockchain, and Visualization. National Olympiad in Informatics Winner.

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is the main USP which differentiates Cortex from other AI projects?
We are all curious, Why you named it '' Cortex '' ?
Would you give information about the project? What AMA? Why CORTEX?
In your opinion, will there be any big revolutionary changes in the AI and blockchain industry? If so, what they can be?
What do you think is the biggest challenge currently for Cortex?
What is the focus of your next season?
I saw in the project updates, you’ve finished the first round of technical testing for random forest compatibility on AI smart contracts. What’a the result?
How do you think Cortex will help with the SMEs?
What do you think makes Cortex stands out and being different from other projects?
I recognize you divide your technical progress into two parts: in blockchain and in AI. Does that mean you are doing this two parts separately? If so, why? Cuz I thought you are combining the two.


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Token InformationToken Information
Cortex Coin is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0xEa11755Ae41D889CeEc39A63E6FF75a02Bc1C00d.

Source Code Repositories

CortexFoundation/StyleTransferTrilogy 158 Stars 3 Contributers 5 Open Issues


CortexFoundation/- 40 Stars 1 Contributers 1 Open Issues


CortexFoundation/Cortex_Silencer 15 Stars 3 Contributers 0 Open Issues

A demonstration to show Cortex structure. A python toy.


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
149,792,458 (50% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0xb84041d064397bd8a1037220d996c16410c20f11 150,000,000
0x90dd8bf208c9c29f8033935ee82742ad5424c679 27,450,000
0xe533c36039adc07de8b7f313c88f7f482383008a 21,249,216.0211
0xfdb16996831753d5331ff813c29a93c76834a0ad 10,039,630.1351 Huobi 3
0xfdbf088095ab1e05546cfe26b0280d86641f670f 9,116,631.9237
0x1062a747393198f70f71ec65a582423dba7e5ab3 7,170,295.8101 Huobi 9
0xeee28d484628d41a82d01e21d12e2e78d69920da 7,048,859.2644 Huobi 4
0xe1279615d45f5e4f0b5297fa41ad48cb90d4e0db 6,863,930
0x46705dfff24256421a05d056c29e81bdc09723b8 5,931,989.7276 Huobi 12
0x5c985e89dde482efe97ea9f1950ad149eb73829b 5,652,272.1201 Huobi 5
0xadb2b42f6bd96f5c65920b9ac88619dce4166f94 4,997,999.6317 Huobi 7
0xb5daaa4d65cdfa177d95ae033ebf8b88fdc86ab3 4,500,000
0x9d400f16c3616588f64f783762e95bb439fe2f90 4,205,245.332
0x6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b 4,017,412.6819 Okex 1
0xab5c66752a9e8167967685f1450532fb96d5d24f 4,001,193.3151 Huobi 1
0x9f6f7f73293aab77ae77190c9d3e6951069e8e8b 3,925,000
0x7d40bcebb5f09dc7bef0b6ecf8f411b6a68b9020 2,820,000
0x64229ef939949eae341abd084ebbc4434d9b66b9 2,792,458
0x5aabc2b5e2814ef618ba65af560f3e94d49ea5bd 2,700,000
0x2f11a01d2c23d20cb3209c4d9cae8a3668229b06 2,588,576.1031

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Bittrex CTXC/BTC $0.3493 0% $221,792 1% 1.7%

Latest Cortex Coin NewsLatest Cortex Coin News

Cortex Labs on Twitter

@ApacheMXNet ??

Cortex Coin on Twitter ReadRead 

Cortex Labs on Twitter

Our unique core solutions to implement on-chain AI inference has gained support from the official MXNet team??. Another big step toward realizing a decentralized AI ecosystem on blockchain. Read this article on MXNet official blog for technical details:

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Apache MXNet on Twitter

Accelerate inference and eliminate nondeterministic behavior of MXNet models on blockchain.

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Cortex Labs on Twitter

Ziqi @zchenzchen receiving interview from Korea Blockchain News @BlockNewsKorea. #AI #Blockchain #AIOnBlockchain…

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Cortex Labs on Twitter

Ziqi @zchenzchen was at "Crypto Currency Seminar" hosted by in South Korea. Our Korean fans were super excited in anticipation of our MainNet launch within two weeks. ?? #AI #Blockchain #AIOnBlockchain…

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Cortex Labs on Twitter

We’re ever closer to Cortex MainNet Launch ??. So grateful for our core devs for their hardwork and dedication in realizing the first #blockchain capable of running #AI and AI Dapps. ????? #AIOnBlockchain…

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Cortex Labs on Twitter

New T-shirt just came out in the spirit of Cortex MainNet Launch ??. For the first time ever we will be able to run #AI models and AI DApps on the #blockchain! ??…

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Ziqi Chen on Twitter

Unpopular idea: if all other solutions fail and law & order break down, we might resort to tracking everyone with GPS on #blockchain and prove there is no double-spend with people’s locations, thus allowing law enforcement to continue to function.

Cortex Coin on Twitter ReadRead 

Ziqi Chen on Twitter

When it comes to anti-fake AIs, especially as they likely will be used in court, they NEED to run on the #blockchain to ensure openness and integrity. EVERYONE can see how conclusion is reached instead of just the few “experts” they bring to court. @CTXCBlockchain

Cortex Coin on Twitter ReadRead 

Ziqi Chen on Twitter

There is TOO LITTLE attention in the area of #deepfakes. There may come a sudden collapse of social stability when video footage becomes useless in court as evidence. This will present huge challenges for law enforcement and we need SOLUTIONS fast.…

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