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FoundedFounded1 Aout 2017
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Key personKey personDaniel Wang

Loopring (LRC) Information{coin_name} ({symbol}) Information

The protocol for decentralized token exchange.

Loopring is a platform for building decentralized exchanges and to share liquidity. Loopring aims to work on multiple blockchains that support smart contracts.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Daniel Wang
Founder & CEO

Google Tech Lead, Cofounder of Yunrang Technology, Senior Engineering Director at, Cofounder & CEO of Coinport Exchange, Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology.

Jay Zhou

E&Y, PayPal Risk Operations, SJ Consulting Founder.

Johnston Chen

Chief Information Officer at 3NOD, Product Expert in Finance Industry.

Bella Long
PR Director
Matthew Finestone
Director, Business Development


Loopring Foundation


Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

Can Loopring do cross-chain token trading?
Loopring is blockchain agnostic, meaning it can facilitate the trading of tokens on any smart contract capable public blockchain. But Loopring is not a cross-chain protocol. In order to perform cross-chain trading, tokenization services have to get involved to help issue asset-backed tokens on the target blockchain.
Loopring has issued LRC, LRN, and will probably issue LRQ. Will you issue a lot more LRx protocol tokens and will that dilute the value and lower the price of LRC?
We have deployed Loopring on top of Ethereum and Qtum mainnet, and on NEO testnet. In order to make Loopring's matching-as-a-service work, there has to be a token for each target blockchain to incentivize different ecosystem roles. Going forward, we'll be even pickier in selecting target blockchains and will only deploy Loopring protocol on blockchains that have great potential and massive dApp adoptions. We are also working with select public blockchain teams to integrate Loopring directly into their native codebase to avoid issuing a new token. Issuing new LRx tokens, however, will not dilute the value of LRC or any other LRx tokens, as each LRx token is unique to its underlying blockchain and cannot be substituted by other LRx tokens. The value and price of an LRx token mostly depends on the value of its underlying blockchain ecosystem.
When will LRC/LRN hit $XYZ?
At Loopring, we refrain from talking about the price of our tokens in public. We are devoted to building robust decentralized trading infrastructure and believe value will naturally accrue to the ecosytem and token holders. We also pledge that we will not manipulate the price of our tokens.
How do you protect yourselves from copycats?
We have filed multiple patents globally (including the US, EU, China, etc.) and will submit more patents soon. We will leverage these patents to fight against copycats and other copyright/patent infringements to protect ourselves and the interest of our token holders. Specifically, integrating Loopring into public blockchain will require formal patent authentication in writing from the Loopring Foundation.
What are the differences between Loopring, 0x, and Kyber?
Loopring and 0x are protocols designed for order-based token trading, while Kyber is more of a market-making protocol. Both Loopring and 0x feature off-chain order-management and on-chain settlement with atomic token swaps. Loopring offers some unique features: 1) Loopring's Unidirectional Order Model doesn't differentiate takers and makers and makes its data modeling more generalized. 2) Loopring is designed with matching-as-a-service (MAAS) in mind, which lowers relayers' barriers to entry and enables traders to submit-and-forget their orders. 3) Loopring features ring-matching which provides better liquidity and optimized trading prices. 4) Loopring's patented anti front-running technology protects relayers' matching work from being intercepted. 5) Loopring Foundation offers more open-sourced software for potential ecosystem partners to adopt our solution with minimum cost. 6) We advocate for relayers to share liquidity by joining an order sharing mesh network instead of running isolated backends. 0x and Kyber are solid projects, and we believe the DEX market is big enough for all of us and even more protocols.
Will you consider working with companies listed on stock exchanges?
We are open to partnering with any organization globally as long as their involvement can accelerate the adoption of the Loopring Protocol, strengthen the ecosystem, and increase the demand for our LRx tokens.
When will Loopring launch its own mainnet?
Loopring is a 2nd layer protocol and thus does not have a mainnet to launch. We deploy on top of public, smart contract capable blockchains, and have thus far deployed Loopring on Ethereum and Qtum mainnets, and NEO testnet.
Where can I find all the tokens supported by the Loopring protocol, and how can I get my ERC20 token listed on a Loopring DEX?
We have a set of dedicated documents detailing the process of registering new ERC20 tokens with the Loopring Protocol, as well as adding new trading pairs to Loopring's official Bootstrap relay cluster and its Loopr wallex and Circulr DEX.
What's the usage of the LRC token?
LRC will be used to pay wallexs/DEXs for order management and relayers as an order matching fee. Relayers typically have fiat expenses for paying their developers, cloud services, etc, and also must pay Ether to Ethereum miners to include trade settlement transactions into blocks. In the future, LRC will also be used by the community to effectively govern protocol updates.
Do we have to use Loopring's relay implementation in order to use the Loopring Protocol?
Not at all. We encourage developers to implement their own backend solutions. Our official relay cluster is a good starting point for you to learn what needs to be done to provide Matching-As-A-Service, or MAAS. We do recommend that different backends provide a similar set of APIs to make it easy for DEXs and wallexs to share liquidity.


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Token InformationToken Information
Loopring is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0xEF68e7C694F40c8202821eDF525dE3782458639f.

Source Code Repositories

Loopring/protocol 220 Stars 16 Contributers 3 Open Issues

Loopring Protocol Smart Contract on Ethereum

Loopring/relay 75 Stars 14 Contributers 14 Open Issues

Loopring relay node with ring-mining capability

Loopring/LRC 73 Stars 4 Contributers 1 Open Issues

Loopring Token (LRC) ERC20 Smart-Contract


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
572,074,043 (41% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

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AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0x7b22713f2e818fad945af5a3618a2814f102cbe0 279,015,212.261
0x4e9ce36e442e55ecd9025b9a6e0d88485d628a67 94,307,310.606 Binance 6
0x239de3a0d6ca5f21601f83327ea2174225eb7156 71,953,027.961
0x1c4b70a3968436b9a0a9cf5205c787eb81bb558c 39,744,433.074 3
0x6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b 36,900,629.685 Okex 1
0xe3768fe7bcd64a51134f495643d4382553824a1d 36,245,367.913
0x7793cd85c11a924478d358d49b05b37e91b5810f 30,540,654.608 2
0xc59e1e15ef44c566d3c8de3489f43c498698fe3e 28,214,412.33
0x923bcc38cb1114d1dba11061c2ab0117e6501f05 25,782,220
0xfe3619eeb34501379b479256d3b90dc83cab8273 25,171,673.749
0xa83308e75a6da801c11f546bcf591775eb14b4fc 25,044,385.5
0xe7b95e3aefeb28d8a32a46e8c5278721dad39550 23,724,777.991
0x3b5a7bf238b0d4f5f1c3537ca2e08714cca4e040 21,426,072.49
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 20,000,012
0x0d0707963952f2fba59dd06f2b425ace40b492fe 16,275,151.434 1
0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be 12,728,146.588 Binance 1
0xfbb1b73c4f0bda4f67dca266ce6ef42f520fbb98 12,489,599.761 Bittrex 1
0x7a4a6cae06184add7bfa3d8095bc8afc7a6aecb4 10,856,119.247
0x030e37ddd7df1b43db172b23916d523f1599c6cb 10,000,000
0xca8ca04dd515e28268944197c5a5842a9d3d6291 8,230,442.868

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance LRC/BTC $0.0362 0.06% $109,053 0.33% 1.6%
Binance LRC/ETH $0.0362 0.11% $38,394 0.36% 3% LRC/USDT $0.0360 -0.45% $22,449 1.5% 1.8%
Bittrex LRC/BTC $0.0358 -0.92% $3,357.99 0.65% 13% LRC/BTC $0.0365 1% $2,238.07 3.2% 46% LRC/ETH $0.0363 0.25% $707.56 2.3% 23%
Bitfinex LRC/BTC $0.0386 6.6% $77.92 5.1% 8%
Bitfinex LRC/ETH $0.0375 3.6% $75.73 5.2% 74%
Bitfinex LRC/BUSD $0.0362 0% $71.99 59% 78%
Lykke LRC/BTC $0.3659 910% $0.0000 100%
Lykke LRC/ETH $5.1835 14,000% $0.0000 100%

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