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Lisk will make it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications in JavaScript. Join the leading blockchain platform for world-changing dapps.

Lisk is a blockchain application platform, established in early 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Based on its own Blockchain network and token LSK, Lisk will enable developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized Blockchain applications by deploying their own sidechain linked to the Lisk network, including a custom token. Thanks to the flexibility of sidechains, developers can implement and customize their Blockchain applications entirely.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Oliver Beddows
Founder, Vice President & CTO

The global financial crisis helped to make Oliver realize that he wanted to create something of bigger significance than the projects he was involved in at the time. With twelve years of development experience, he understood that digital technology, put into the hands of more people than the elite, can be a powerful tool to make the world more just and honest. Oliver saw that blockchain technology offered great opportunity, but that the platforms available for developers were far too complex. This was when he set out on a mission to lower barriers and support everyone with a vision to apply blockchain technology. Together with his team, Oliver hopes to inspire developers globally to freely create, collaborate and change the way connected systems work today and tomorrow.

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher
Board Member

Guido has been a Lisk Foundation board member since the early days of the project and supports the team with his broad legal, financial, compliance and management knowledge on the various meetings the Foundation Council conducts in Zug, Switzerland.

Max Kordek
President & CEO

When Max first read about blockchain technology at the end of 2012, he immediately realized its great potential. That was the moment he decided to place all of his focus on the technology. He immersed himself in various crypto communities and soaked up as much knowledge as he could. Today, he is working relentlessly to help the industry gain traction with an accessible and easy-to-use Sidechain Development Kit. Outside of work, Max enjoys all things science fiction, especially when entrepreneurs make fiction a reality. He also hopes to be trilingual soon by studying Japanese.

Juan Gonzalez
DevOps Engineer

Juan is a coding veteran. His experience ranges from DevOps roles (managing systems, continuous integration, configuration management) to software development in a variety of languages (C, Python, C#, PHP, Javascript, among others) for a variety of platforms (linux/linux-based network routers, Windows, Web/CMSes). He has an interest in infosec and regularly attends DerbyCon and DEFCON. Juan’s passion for blockchain began with an Ethereum meetup in Minneapolis. He is originally from Wisconsin and is a huge fan of the American football team Green Bay Packers. Juan holds two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Studies with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

Thomas Schouten
Marketing Lead

With a background in business and marketing, Thomas is responsible for the ideation, development and execution of marketing strategies for Lisk. He believes that with the right people, anything is possible. Thomas has a versatile, creative and visionary mind with great passion for blockchain technology, entrepreneurship and golf. For a long time, he was interested in the economical and disrupting factor of Bitcoin before gaining a true understanding of the blockchain technology itself. After learning about Lisk, he immediately joined as one of the first non-developers on the team. He admits that he comes up with his best ideas in the shower. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Strategic Entrepreneurship from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Hagen Plum
UX & Concept Designer at Taikonauten

Hagen is a UX and Concept Designer at Taikonauten. He loves to tackle the challenges in yet to be explored emerging technologies, build effortless interaction and level the always-changing dynamics of modern utilities. Taikonauten is an award-winning agency based in Berlin. They are specialists for the human-centered, strategic & digital staging of brands and products. By focusing on highly-innovative concepts, Taikonauten brings the possibilities of the modern digital world to life.

Lindsay Buescher
Marketing Manager at lightcurve

Lindsay specializes in creating engaging marketing strategies. After spending over a decade working at tech startups and ad agencies, she understands what truly drives business results. Her razor-sharp analytical expertise means Lindsay can quickly pinpoint campaign optimizations. She saw Lisk as an opportunity to fully advocate decentralization as an ideology. She’s most excited for blockchain technology to disrupt supply chains for unrivalled transparency in our daily purchasing decisions. She is the proud owner of the office dog, an adorable pug named Lexi. Lexi moved all the way from California to Germany with her. Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota and is a certified Adwords expert.

François Chavant
DevOps Engineer at lightcurve

François has a passion for automation. So he’s always looking for ways to make system administration tasks run smoothly and improve the software deployment process. As a DevOps engineer he’s looking forward to the SDK release, which will make blockchain far less intimidating, frustrating and more appealing. He also likes that a decentralized network offers openness in a secure environment.

Lothar Skorupka
Financial Analyst at lightcurve

Prior to joining Lisk, Lothar worked as a B2B Consultant supporting corporate growth and pipeline development. Among his duties were conducting market research, commercial due diligence and acquisition target analysis. He believes blockchain technology will lead to much faster, cheaper and more secure methods to transfer digital property without the need for a middleman. He lived and worked in Australia for a year after university to broaden his skills and perfect his language competence. He loves living in Berlin and uses a kickboard to get around the city. He holds a Bachelor of Finance in International Business and a Master of Finance in International Business from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Andries Bellemans
HR Manager at lightcurve

Andries started his career in foreign affairs in Brussels as an Administrator for personal and electoral matters. His appetite for a fast-paced and international environment led him to Berlin where he continued his career in administration. He most recently worked for an international energy company as a Learning and Development Specialist. It was here where he was responsible for the development of employees and set up a global recruiting framework for Benelux. He loves the possibilities and advantages that blockchain technology will bring to mankind. He finds the implications astonishing. When he isn’t busy working, Andries loves to cook; his favorite dish to make is meatballs in tomato sauce.

Lucas Silvestre
Fullstack Developer at Lightcurve

Lucas is a self-described curious guy who likes to know how things work. As a developer reading code, he gets to learn how applications behave to better understand concepts. Before joining the team, he spent over five years as a Fullstack Developer using Ruby as a main programming language. He also has a great deal of experience with various JavaScript libraries and frameworks. When he isn’t busy coding, he likes to listen to podcasts, as well as play the guitar and ukelele. He is excited to be part of a company that enables JavaScript developers to contribute to the building of a decentralized world. He feels that we are now living in a time when maintaining control of personal data is incredibly important; relying on corporations to store and secure one’s data will become more and more unacceptable as you can't guarantee how they will use it. Lucas holds a BSc in Information Systems from Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Jacob Kowalewski
Marketing Manager at lightcurve

Lisk’s ambition to make blockchain accessible to everyone instantly resonated with Jacob’s aspiration to engage and educate people on the subject of this incredible technology. Driven by innovation, collaboration and a desire to see a fairer world, as well as a lifelong affinity for developing technologies, Jacob is particularly excited about aiding in the development of groundbreaking blockchain applications on the Lisk platform. Having formed a keen curiosity for Bitcoin while at university, Jacob used to bet dozens of the currency on games of Fifa12, a pastime he arguably regrets. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Russian Literature from the University of Nottingham.

Iker Alustiza
Cryptographer at lightcurve

Iker grew up in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque region of Spain. Prior to joining Lisk, he spent several years as a Software Engineer and Content Developer at MATLAB and Simulink-maker MathWorks. He discovered Bitcoin and the revolutionary idea of blockchain back in 2013. Soon after, he got involved in various blockchain projects as a hobby. He enjoys playing squash and football when isn’t busy working. Iker holds a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Telecommunications Engineering, as well as a Doctorate of Engineering from TECNUN, University of Navarra in Spain. His PhD thesis, regarding low complexity/low delay coding schemes for communications, was awarded Cum Laude.

Abel Boldú
DevOps Engineer at Lightcurve

Abel recently moved to Berlin after living in Barcelona for 12 years and growing up in the Catalan Pyrenees. He is a free software advocate and cryptocurrency enthusiast who loves to use open source tools to deploy and experiment with blockchain networks. Prior to Lisk, he spent eight years as a Systems Engineer and DevOps working with cloud technologies such as Openstack, AWS and more. He enjoys cycling and cooking vegetarian food. He is excited to see how distributed apps based on the Lisk platform will make some established and centralized ones totally obsolete. Abel holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.


Lisk Foundation

Company NumberCompany Number UID: CHE476165977
Dammstrasse 16, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is Lisk?
Lisk is a blockchain application platform, established in early 2016. Running on its own blockchain network and token (LSK), Lisk will enable developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized blockchain applications (dApps) by deploying their own sidechains linked to the Lisk network, on which they can create custom tokens. Thanks to the flexibility of sidechains, developers can implement and customize their blockchain applications entirely.
What problem is Lisk solving?
Before blockchain can achieve its full potential, it needs to gain mass adoption. The lack of technological education and the prevalence of user-unfriendly interfaces have so far kept this revolutionary technology away from many of those who would truly benefit from it. Lisk is determined to solve this problem by introducing unparalleled levels of accessibility (via an intuitive SDK written in JavaScript), scalability (via sidechain technology) and education (via Lisk Academy) to the blockchain space.
What makes Lisk unique to other platforms?
Lisk is more than just a suite of developer tools. It’s an opportunity to become part of the biggest technological innovation since the Internet. Lisk aims to make blockchain technology more accessible with an SDK written in JavaScript, special focus on user experience, developer support and in-depth documentation. The Lisk Foundation set itself the goal to inspire and educate entrepreneurs and developers alike. The ultimate goal is to bring talent into the blockchain industry by enabling developers to build the decentralized future with our SDK. Hereby, we will provide an easy entry to take people from the idea to the product. Most alternative solutions are either single-blockchain based or are tailored for private blockchains. Lisk strives to offer the best of both worlds, with he Lisk mainchain providing stability and security while sidechains offer unlimited flexibility. This way, Lisk provides developers with an environment where they have full control to create their own blockchain network as a sidechain and don’t have to deal with the complexities of creating a blockchain network from scratch.
When was the Lisk ICO date?
The Lisk Foundation received contributions between February 21 and March 22, 2016. Find out more in the Lisk Press & Media Fact Sheet at
Who manages the Lisk Foundation assets?
The assets are actively managed by the foundation itself, in accordance to Swiss regulations that apply to foundations of this kind.
Does Lisk release financial reports?
All of our financial information can be found on the Lisk Foundation subpage of the website:
What gives LSK tokens their long-term value?
There are several features of LSK tokens that enable their value to increase over time. These include: its uniqueness, the continuous progression and potential of the platform, the team growth, the data the network has to process, the scarcity/inflation of the token, its purpose or use-case, the demand for the token, the security of the network and Lisk’s first-mover advantage. At Lisk, we consider LSK a utility token that empowers the platform’s users. Currently, among the transactions available on Lisk blockchain are: Sending funds between IDs Registering a delegate Setup of a multi-sig account Transactions in the future might include: Registering an app Updating an app Sending tokens to or out of a sidechain Projects, whose ICOs will be hosted on the Lisk network, will hold their crowdfunding in LSK token, thus creating demand for it. We also anticipate that sidechains that choose not to create their own custom token, will use LSK to perform transactions on the network.This will increase the market demand for LSK even more.
How are new LSK tokens created?
Active delegates receive forging rewards for securing the network. The top 101 delegate accounts receive a fixed block reward and variable rewards for occurring transactions.
What is the annual Lisk inflation rate?
The initial distribution during the ICO was 100,000,000 LSK. Since the network went live May 24th, 101 delegates are securing the Lisk network and receiving forging rewards for their service. With every new block created, 5 new LSK will be added to the supply. Every 3,000,000 blocks (~1 year) this reward is reduced by 1 LSK, ending at 1 LSK per block where it stays like that forever. The forging rewards are equally distributed among all 101 delegates. On top of this, delegates receive transaction fees according to the transactions that were made in the specific block they forged. By implementing this mechanism, Lisk creates an incentive to run a delegate and secure the network, an essential part of our consensus algorithm.
How much does Lisk value security?
We are, first and foremost, an open source project in which development is publicly managed via our GitHub using this branching model. We place very high value on security, therefore we are constantly expanding our code test suite and have a rigorous peer-review system. The test coverage is constantly being improved.


Key metricsKey metrics

Source Code Repositories

LiskHQ/lisk-sdk 2665 Stars 76 Contributers 199 Open Issues

🔩 Lisk software development kit

LiskHQ/lisk-hub 563 Stars 43 Contributers 137 Open Issues

🖥 Lisk graphical user interface for desktop

LiskHQ/lisk-explorer 121 Stars 32 Contributers 19 Open Issues

📦 Lisk blockchain explorer


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
112,926,490 (84% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance LSK/BTC $1.2620 0.19% $232,414 0.28% 1.1%
Bittrex LSK/BTC $1.2574 -0.18% $48,270 0.11% 1.1%
Binance LSK/ETH $1.2585 -0.09% $18,877 1% 1.9%
Upbit LSK/KRW $1.2351 -1.9% $15,422 1.3% 1.7%
Poloniex LSK/BTC $1.2568 -0.22% $9,500.59 0.95% 2.3%
Binance LSK/BNB $1.2609 0.1% $7,608.82 1.6% 4.5%
Poloniex LSK/USDT $1.2400 -1.6% $230.56 4.2% 4.9% LSK/BTC $1.2277 -2.5% $153.35 8% 79% LSK/USDT $1.2200 -3.1% $139.74 8.3% 41%
Poloniex LSK/ETH $1.2236 -2.9% $86.79 2.9% 3.8%

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#BerlinBlockchainWeek is nearly here and we can’t wait. We're hosting an #SDK webinar and a workshop, plus #UI usability testing w/ @TestessenBerlin. We're also speaking at three different meetups and more. Get full info and calendar below. Bis bald! ????

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