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Nebulas is a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains. Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. Based on its blockchain valuation mechanism, Nebulas proposes future-oriented incentive and consensus systems, and the ability to self-evolve without forking. Nebulas Rank, Our Innovative Ranking Algorithm allows easy access to valuable blockchain data.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Robin Zhong

Nebulas co-founder, former architect of Ant Financial's Blockchain Platform, former Senior Development Director of Dolphin Browser, Leader of Game Division. Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He is also the founder of Tongxinclub, the first Blockchain support platform in China.

Aero Wang

Nebulas & Antshares (NEO) co-founder, initiator of OpenIP & IP Community, a serial entrepreneur in blockchain industry. Graduated from Southeast University.

Hitters Xu

Founder & CEO of Nebulas, Founder of AntShares (NEO), a blockchain pioneer in China, the former Director of Ant Financial's Blockchain Platform (Alibaba’s financial arm) and part of Google's Search & Anti-Fraud team. Since 2013, Hitters has founded BitsClub (the very first Blockchain/Bitcoin community in China), ICO365 (one of the largest ICO platforms) and FBG Capital (one of the earliest Crypto funds).

Shu Shang
Core Developer Lead

Former TOTFREE CTO,former Developer of Dolphin Browser, former Developer of Alibaba, Got a Master Degree in Science and Technology from Tsinghua University.

Xuepeng Fan
Research Director

Former Senior Software Engineer of Whova. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His research interests are in blockchain system, distributed systems and parallel programming. He has also been an visiting scholar of University of California, San Diego, and an intern of Microsoft Research Asia and Megvii.

Iris Li
Product Director

Information Architect, focus on Human-computer Interaction, former Product Manager of TaoOnTheRoad. Graduated from Tongji University in Computer Science and Technology.

Jackie Lim
Senior Community Manager

An experienced blockchain events organiser and advisor for multiple budding blockchain projects. Jackie holds a honours degree from Singapore National University, majored in Project Management and minored in Technopreneurship (Tsinghua University).

Larry Wang
Core Developer

Former Senior Developer of Alibaba. Graduated from China University of Geosciences of Science and Technology.

Yang Li
Core Developer

Former Senior Developer of Gensheixue and Dolphin Browser, Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Edith Yeung

Selected by Inc’s Magazine as one of the Silicon Valley investors you must know, Edith Yeung is a partner at 500 Startups. She has invested in over 40 mobile, VR, AR, AI and machine learning startups including Hooked, DayDayCook, Fleksy (acquired by Pinterest), Human (acquired by Mapbox), AISense, Penrose, Cryworks, SIlk Labs, Piper, Apptopia, Mobile Action, Andy OS, Quickly, Powercore, Pack, Ingrain, Switch, Bento, DayDayCook, Palantir, etc. Advisor to Dolphin Browser (Acquired by CYOU), and founding partner at RightVentures.

Chris McCann

Chris started and leads the community program at Greylock Partners (investors in Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Linkedin, Coinbase, etc), and was the co-founder of StartupDigest (acquired by TechStars & partnered with the Kauffman Foundation). He was also one of the early mentors & advisors for the Thiel Fellowship, StartX at Stanford University, and helped start the entrepreneurship programs at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Evan Cheng

Evan Cheng bootstrapped the LLVM effort and led its development during his 10 year career at Apple. He was the co-recipient of the ACM Software System Award in 2012 for his contribution to computer science. He is currently an engineering director at Facebook, responsible for developments in programming languages and runtimes.

Wenbo Liu
Community Developer
Jason Xu
Community Developer
Qi (Joshua) Zhu
Community Developer

Experienced Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Full stack skills including design and implementing large scale distributed system, and cutting edge frontend technologies.

Becky Lu
Marketing Director

8 years digital marketing and advertising experience, 5 years big data marketing and operation experience. Former product manager in,one of the largest Chinese online marketplace. Master's Degree in Money, Banking and Finance, Economics, from University of Sheffield.

Yiyi Jin
General Legal Counsel

Admitted to practice law in China and U.S. 15 years of experiences at law firms in Shanghai, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Milan and Frankfurt. Graduated from Tongij University with a bachelor degree of law.

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What's Nebulas
Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. For more information, please read Nebulas Non-technical Whitepaper and Nebulas Technical Whitepaper.
Who is buliding Nebulas?
The development of Nebulas is organized by the Nebulas Technology Committee and is executed by the Nebulas Dev Team, the Nebulas Research Institute and community developers.
Can I develop a DApp on Nebulas? What's the benefits?
Nebulas is an open source public chain, capable of supporting all functions offered by Ethereum, including decentralized apps, token-issuing and smart contracts. Nebulas also features innovative core technologies: - NR will help users find users find information in the blockchain universe and investors make informed investment decisions on projects. - NF will help developers and communities initiate projects and issue assets with less friction and more control. - DIP will reward developers who contribute to the ecosystem. Developers are encouraged to build DApps on Nebulas and help grow the ecosystem.
What's the next steps aftar mainnet launched?
We will release more papers about our technical cores. The roadmap is: 2018.Q2 - Yellow Paper - NR 2018.Q4 - Mauve Paper - NI 2019.Q2 - Green Paper - NF More details are on
What's the implications on Nebulas?
We are definitely thrilled to see that! More people will follow and use blockchain if Google decides to move into the industry. Nebulas Ranking is also open sourced, and we welcome everyone (including Google!) to look at our technology and to contribute in developing the blockchain ecosystem.
What is the Nebulas token (NAS)
NAS is the utility token of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and computing service charges.
The Yellow Paper is now published?
Yes, the Nebulas team has published the Yellow Paper. More details please visit here:“The Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper” is now public, providing the blockchain world with a more complete value measurement system.
What if people don't swap and continue to use the ERC20 tokens after the mainnet launch?
Mainnet NAS tokens will be the only token recognised and accepted by Nebulas after the mainnet launched. Exchanges may stop trading the ERC20 NAS token and trade mainnet NAS tokens only. You can conclude some other relevant information from here if you are interested:
What exchange would support mainnet coin. Why my NAS in MEW or IMTOKEN cant deposit into exchange
Because your token is ERC20 token and you need swap token.We have published the newest announcement about token swap. More details please visit here:Nebulas Mainnet Token Swap AnnouncementQ: Why my NAS in NAS nano can’t deposit into exchange?
What is Nebulas token (NAS) ?
NAS is the native (utility) token of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and computing service charge.


Key metricsKey metrics
Token InformationToken Information
Nebulas is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0x5d65D971895Edc438f465c17DB6992698a52318D.

Source Code Repositories

nebulasio/go-nebulas 698 Stars 42 Contributers 11 Open Issues

Official Go implementation of the Nebulas protocol

nebulasio/wiki 443 Stars 57 Contributers 62 Open Issues

This repository is out of date, please check the new wiki:

nebulasio/web-wallet 258 Stars 16 Contributers 9 Open Issues


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
45,500,000 (46% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0xd44ac0c24f9cd5b8a5e60d1fc6142f1e380a195f 22,869,552.24
0xfe044ff4d05b7fd15211038d521f94a96eb68181 8,522,616.58958256
0x2e4ca17cc7d79a24f15fcc6cb892d8eace4a0c03 4,494,427.76623
0x4a8472a7136cdbf7b86124fd21d31fa822d88ee7 2,284,581.92834191
0xd7019c35189fb99394dd97e164936cc7a8c1df46 1,312,500.02198
0x2e2f37432ebe42f7e96d9479d3f1a1b852d6039c 810,706.4539
0xa1de5ef877ba71ce2c562c137b18c9edcdfe4a10 798,925
0x1c4b70a3968436b9a0a9cf5205c787eb81bb558c 563,500.93003417 3
0x9d5c1347f9324f2cf2edaea1342eaecc5fbfc386 527,048
0xe4b37fb33fe004aeab910b4f1fd33c99d2f17ada 471,003.16463
0x04b0048407c22c3a538bf08444cb0e28bb523036 425,176.82057221
0x0d0707963952f2fba59dd06f2b425ace40b492fe 299,097.0801922 1
0x00234e7b44e3b3dbfbd63377a0fef2518d027901 62,499.99
0x0028fb14eca31a2f1ae6fc5ef1ebc4d5c747975a 52,000.00314
0x7729e9618b1d7610f81dc1b10f9f0069e2c38dc2 40,011.6
0x011382454b089e5f2de4258e4d75ce99ac7ce6c9 31,250.00304
0xc0cd1bc9242c55a58fcb399b8fc744bb2d4e9c61 21,142.87814
0x5d65d971895edc438f465c17db6992698a52318d 19,721.62136711 Nebulas Token (Contract)
0x8d12a197cb00d4747a1fe03395095ce2a5cc6819 17,193.64370791 EtherDelta 2 (Contract)
0x73a1a0de6a99adec529e91987c2cce74acc547d8 13,746.92074

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k NAS/USDT $0.7760 -0.08% $206,040 0.16% 1.2%
Binance NAS/BTC $0.7779 0.18% $113,175 0.3% 0.75%
Binance NAS/ETH $0.7754 -0.15% $11,186 0.35% 0.96% NAS/BTC $0.7732 -0.43% $9,433.95 0.75% 25%
Binance NAS/BNB $0.7851 1.1% $1,100.34 1.7% 5.1% NAS/ETH $0.7807 0.53% $400.11 0.88%

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