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Asset TypeAsset TypeCryptocurrency
StructureStructureFor Profit Company
Project StatusProject StatusPrototype
Funds raisedFunds raised35M
Key personKey personZac Cheah

Pundi X (NPXS) Information{coin_name} ({symbol}) Information

Any store can buy, sell and accept cryptocurrency

Pundi X aims to create a new blockchain focused on the practical side. The NPXS tokens on Ethereum will be swapped for mainnet tokens once the mainnet is live sometime in the future. One of the products is a POS (Point of Sale) system and the aim is to ship a minimum of 100.000 units.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Constantin Papadimitriou (Kiki)
President Advisor

Kiki has 17 years’ experience as Founder and CEO of two of the biggest Fintech companies in Indonesia - Infinetworks and E2Pay; He has an M.Sc Computer Science (Purdue University) and B.Sc Computer Science (University of Tulsa). Kiki is a film lover.

Zi Bin (Zac) Cheah

Zac is the former W3C Chair of HTML5 Interest Group. He was a scholarship recipient at Sweden KTH (M.Sc Computing) and Norway NTNU (M.Sc Security). Zac has spent 12 years in tech and is a sports fan from Malaysia.

Huang Pu (Pitt)

Pitt is an entrepreneur who sold his first GroupOn - like company at the age of 25. He has started and sold several businesses, including a 200 person company. Pitt studied a B.Sc Engineering at Xi’An Polytechnic University. He is a gadget lover .

Danny Lim Wei Xiang

Danny is an APAC financing expert who has product design experience with Baidu and Lenovo. Danny is a Phd law scholar from Tsinghua University and hold ACMA and CGMA accounting qualifications.


Pundi X Labs PTE. LTD.

Company NumberCompany Number UEN : 201731271H

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is Pundi XPOS?
It is a blockchain-enabled Point-of-Sales device. It comes with features including buying and selling of cryptocurrency, and also using cryptocurrency for purchases in the store.
How many Pundi XPOS devices will you roll out?
Minimum 100,000 units by February 2021.
Where is Pundi X headquartered.
Where else do you have offices?
Apart from Singapore, we have physical offices in London, São Paulo, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen and Taipei.
What is the Pundi XPASS?
Pundi XPASS is a smart card where people can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with a swipe. You can also buy daily items with it.
What is Function X?
Function X is more than a blockchain. It is a decentralized ecosystem, consisting of a f(x) public blockchain, f(x) operating system, FXTP transmission protocol, f(x) docker, and f(x) IPFS. For more info, visit
What is Pundi XPhone?
It is the world first mobile phone, enabling decentralized internet. It is built on Android 9.0 and co-exist with the regular Android mobile system. For more info, visit


Key metricsKey metrics
ProofProofProof of work
Token InformationToken Information
Pundi X is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0xA15C7Ebe1f07CaF6bFF097D8a589fb8AC49Ae5B3.

Source Code Repositories

pundix/ico 2 Stars 2 Contributers 0 Open Issues


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
194,603,096,087 (74% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0xbe0eb53f46cd790cd13851d5eff43d12404d33e8 76,059,313,968.91
0xba826fec90cefdf6706858e5fbafcb27a290fbe0 7,796,994,458.46 Upbit 2
0xfbb1b73c4f0bda4f67dca266ce6ef42f520fbb98 7,315,340,457.27 Bittrex 1
0xc6464FDCA8F0E889425005cfA9484243BdC566Dd 7,301,368,762.43
0xe0e0fa0202f42c8bd7154a4cc3dd298b37eaca51 7,074,223,071.4
0x2a51487336f8680a2d7827417beac6236f7ef7ae 6,363,031,573.87
0x7951de819acd64bc2c97f887a8f53600ccaacab3 5,700,496,990.7
0x51bc4ff2d8245b2702a1f5c0922876291154da6c 4,763,330,945.92
0x3f5731f554ffbbd282aeb660e18e318ab7f46c4c 4,727,091,243.73
0x64d06b8c27d5ddf56c432a1f6165b5d166d68659 4,600,000,000
0xf977814e90da44bfa03b6295a0616a897441acec 4,500,000,000
0x411b7f19574ecd642710a7d3ef20e58b9873426d 3,804,194,742.25
0x559444745a3c17ee7e8cc47fc20f1f9ac3b572c4 3,757,450,378.3
0x765f4c13b40c1306edc468854d6b7052dfeccaf5 3,496,657,995.64
0xfe9e8709d3215310075d67e3ed32a380ccf451c8 3,023,731,296.79 Binance 5
0x3a50f2d2320e6cda8893bd686c2f3c18f6f74851 2,831,344,275.21
0x8334221b3af5ee273fe58492435b14222a683fe7 2,831,344,251.79
0xfc0e203c1e89596163f22d2fa8b8b1b475589846 2,805,916,356.27
0xeaaa51bf4bb28bcb92546223f7ac640d609ab81a 2,721,102,292.45
0xdc60c32024c29f7189c897948640aff4c5b53791 2,498,895,392.84

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance NPXS/BTC $0.0005 11% $1,470,616 20% 20%
Binance NPXS/ETH $0.0004 -9.4% $725,035 0.44% 0.87%
Upbit NPXS/KRW $0.0004 -10% $519,459 1.7% 1.7%
Indodax NPXS/IDR $0.0004 -7.7% $53,417 14% 14%
Bittrex NPXS/BTC $0.0005 11% $28,621 20% 20%
Bittrex NPXS/USDT $0.0004 -15% $3,273.26 9.1%
Bittrex NPXS/ETH $0.0004 -9.8% $3,253.85 0.87% 13%

Latest Pundi X NewsLatest Pundi X News

Billy (x) Dusse on Twitter

One more. Decentralized stablecoin DAI is now available on Pundi X Payment Platform by @PundiXLabs

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Superbit123 on Twitter

Is #Pundix about 2 change/affect the history of #hyperinflated #Venezuela instability? #Venezuelans eroded local #Currency the (#Bolivar), affecting millions Avoid volatility! Tnx to #MakerDAO's #stablecoin integration with @PundiXLabs #Pointsofsale devices the #XPOS, & Cards!…

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Maker on Twitter

Excited to be working with @PundiXLabs and be the first stablecoin in their payment system! Those DAI cards look good too ??…

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Pundi X Labs on Twitter

Our partnership with @MakerDAO Maker also allows for subsidization of cards for consumers, as well as the XPOS devices for merchants in four LATAM countries: #Brazil ????, #Argentina ????, #Colombia ????, and #Venezuela ????.

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Pundi X Labs on Twitter

Stable coin @MakerDAO #DAI has arrived on #PundiX payment platform! #XWallet users can now top up and use DAI with #XPOS merchants. 50,000 MakerDAO-branded XPASS cards will be available. For more details:

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Soohan Han on Twitter

#XPOS is on @ProductHunt. Show your support by upvoting! ?? ?? @PundiXLabs #Blockchain #pointofsale

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Verifone on Twitter

Pundi X recently completed integration support of its XPOS module on the Verifone X990 to allow a wider network of retailers to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Read all about it:…

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Pundi X Labs on Twitter

Welcome to the #XPOS family ????…

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Pundi X Labs on Twitter

July monthly report is now available. In this month, we have accomplished several key product integration, including with VeriFone X990, Telegram chat, Samsung #Blockchain Wallet and more public chains. Keep pushing for more adoption?? #npxs #npxsxem #fx

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Bullionix on Twitter

Loved receiving the new payment card from @DigixGlobal and @PundiXLabs. Next time our team goes out for drinks we are picking up the tab with some DGX! #crypto #DGX #digitalgold…

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