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Power Ledger is an Australian blockchain-based cryptocurrency and energy trading platform that allows for decentralized selling and buying of renewable energy. The platform provides consumers with access to a variety of energy markets around the globe and is meant to be scalable to various energy infrastructures and regulations. The market is based on a dual-token ecosystem operating on two blockchain layers, POWR and Sparkz. POWR tokens allow consumers and hosts providing energy to interface with the ecosystem and are protected through Smart Bond technology. POWR tokens can be converted into Sparkz tokens, which can be used for frictionless transactions in the energy exchange market.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Bill Tai

World renowned venture capitalist, Bill originally trained as a chip designer and joined LSI Logic, a seminal Silicon Valley startup formed by the CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor after earning a BSEE with Honors from University of Illinois. After completing a MBA at Harvard, he was issued badge #A001 at TSMC, now among the most valuable tech companies in the world. He has been a venture capitalist since 1991 and today is the Chairman of Treasure Data, a Board Member of Bitfury and Voxer. Bill was Founding Chairman and CEO of iAsiaWorks (IPO via Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley) and Founding Chairman of IPinfusion. He has served as Board Director of 7 publicly listed companies that grew from startups he funded at their formative stages. He serves on the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Committee and is an Adjunct Professor of Innovation at Curtin University.

Maria Atkinson

Maria received an Order of Australia for her role in the development of the Sydney Olympic Villages whilst she was Global Head of Sustainability, and a member of the Global C-suite with Lendlease Group. Maria is an internationally recognised advisor on sustainability, corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Through her angel investment business, which has a particular focus on impact ventures, Maria continues to support the scaling of businesses with new disruptive technology and sustainable consciousness. In her role as ‘Eastern City Commisioner’ of Sydney, Maria set a 40 year strategy for the city of Sydney with productivity, liveability and sustainability goals and actions. In addition to her role as advisor to Power Ledger, Maria also holds several Non-Executive Directorships and Advisory Board memberships including: the Lafarge Holcim Foundation, the Ethics Centre and the US Studies Centre. Maria was the Founding CEO of the not-for-profit Green Building Council of Australia and has also served on the Board of the USA and World Green Building Council. Maria has a Bachelor’s degree from UTS in Applied Science (Environmental Biology) and in 2009 she received the UTS Australia Alumni Award for Excellence.

Dr. Jemma Green
Co-founder and Chair

Jemma, as the Chair, provides the strategic external relations, risk management and leadership development for Power Ledger. Jemma has more than 15 years’ experience in finance and risk advisory having worked for 11 years in investment banking in London. Whilst there, she completed a Masters degree and two postgraduate diplomas from Cambridge University. Jemma is a research fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, whose doctoral research into “Citizen Utilities” has produced unique insights into the challenges and opportunities for the deployment of roof-top solar PV and battery storage within multi-unit developments and the application of the blockchain. Jemma is experienced in the challenges of sustainable cities through her role as an independent Councillor of the City of Perth. She is also the Chair of Climate-KIC Australia, a founder of the Global Blockchain Business Council and a contributor to Forbes on blockchain disruption.

David Martin
Co-founder and Managing Director

David manages the daily operations and commercialization of Power Ledger’s technology, working to build the market acceptance of P2P trading and to gain the regulatory reforms required for democratization. David has nearly 20 years’ experience in the electricity industry and has held executive positions in two State-owned electricity utilities. David has spent the past 6 years as a senior consultant to industry participants specializing in regulation of distribution networks, DNSP consumer engagement, renewable/new technology feasibility studies and business development. David has significant experience in the challenges and opportunities facing regulated DNSPs as they transition to a new energy-demand paradigm that sees customer behaviour leading technology and service demand changes that can present “make or break” opportunities for DNSPs. David is passionate about the development of a low-carbon electricity system focused on the needs of all consumers.

John Bulich
Co-founder and Technical Director

John provides the strategic direction for conceptual, system and application design and development for Power Ledger. John leads the technical team in the development of the Power Ledger Platform. John is a Director and Co-founder of Ledger Assets, a Perth-based blockchain developer specializing in the creation and commercialization of technical and commercial blockchain systems. Ledger Assets has successfully developed and deployed world-first blockchain-based products proving the provenance of artefacts including evidence-grade photography, video, document management and medical records management.

Marc van Hoof
Chief Operating Officer

Marc started in the internet industry straight from high school where his part-time job saw him developing virtual hosting systems for a local ISP, he also worked with Silicon Graphics and Ascend Communications to help build a cutting edge internet provider network. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Marc started the first Internet Data Center in Australia, built content networks across Asia and pioneered some of the most prominent webcasts in the country. In 2001, Marc met Bill Tai and joined his data center design team at iAsiaWorks, building Data Center facilities and a pan-Asia transit network throughout Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. He has also worked at Cisco as a Product Manager and an advisor to several startup companies.

Vinod Tiwari
General Manager Business Development and Sales

Vinod is leveraging his network from many years working within the Australian energy sector, previously as the COO of Regen Power, General Manager Sales at Perth Energy and Senior Advisor Future Effect, to connect with client stakeholders across power and business domains, as well as across various third party providers to support the delivery of Power Ledger’s blockchain offering; building new propositions and enhance existing customer experiences. His past roles also include managing technical sales and business development teams for General Electric in India. Vinod holds an MBA from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Marc Griffiths
Chief Technology Officer

An engineer with over 10 years experience, ex-Goldman Sachs developer, Marc possesses immense systems engineering experience with exposure to diverse computing protocols, high-performance systems (with cloud technology stacks, security systems), distributed technologies and high availability technologies. Having worked on a couple of PoC projects which use blockchain and smart contract technologies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, Eris and Hyperledger, Marc has used this collective experience to strategically design and build Power Ledger solutions that leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks.

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

No. P2P trading is our most mature platform, however we also have a range diverse products already in action or well into the development stage.
POWR is the utility token that application hosts need to escrow in order to use our platform. It acts as a bond backing. Sparkz are the electricity credits the end consumer will interact with which is tied to local fiat.
Are you trying to replace utilities?
No. We're giving utilities the tools to keep consumers connected to the grid. We realised pretty quickly that if we were going to be the application host, that managed all of those trading environments, we'd need to grow to a company of millions to have the reach we want to have, which would destroy the value proposition for us. We're focused on providing opportunities for energy consumption that don’t have the negative impacts of traditional generating technologies. Energy consumption has a direct correlation with economic growth so we see the Power Ledger platform as a facilitator of efficient and clean energy consumption that can continue to drive the economic development of communities around the world without the detrimental impacts of the traditional energy system.
I have an event opportunity. How can I invite Power Ledger?
Thanks for your interest in Power Ledger. Please send an email to with the details of the event. Alternatively you can contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this site.
I'm a researcher and have some questions for Power Ledger. What’s the best way to have these answered?
While we're excited so many researchers are interested are in our project, the team is unable to accommodate one-on-one interview times for all of them. We recommend you interact with the team directly via Telegram and put your questions to them there. Alternatively, you can save questions for our monthly Facebook Q&A sessions where the team will endeavour to answer them.
Why blockchain?
Currently, blockchain technology is the only solution for a full P2P market. The blockchain is needed when we have multiple parties transacting in near real-time, such as within the energy industry. In existing systems, a Market Operator is responsible for reconciliation and settlement. In distributed energy markets the blockchain provides fast, immutable settlement so we can pin the financial transaction to the physical transaction. In a complex transactive environment, only the blockchain can support low cost, fast and accurate reconciliation and settlement. Immutable records of physical transactions provide the certainty required to support autonomous financial settlement.
Doesn’t blockchain use a lot of energy?
Our blockchain network operates using less electricity than a standard laptop. Some blockchains sare energy intensive, but we currently use proof-of-stake which is a consensus algorithm that is significantly less energy intensive.
I have solar panels. How can I use your platform?
At present the only way for individuals to use our platform is via an application host. You can reach out to your energy provider, strata manager, microgrid manager or community retailer to adopt Power Ledger's technology.
What's in it for energy companies?
Power Ledger wants to disrupt the energy industry, not destroy its value. There's a growing penetration of rooftop solar and batteries which is changing the energy landscape i.e. making it more expensive for those who stay on the grid. So networks need to find a way to keep people from defecting from the grid and retailers need to find ways of connecting with their customers -- which is what Power Ledger aims to do. We provide utilities with the tools they need in order to provide access to low-cost, low-carbon energy to their consumers, giving consumers a better return on investment while also keeping them connected to the grid.
How do the local power companies control the local power production during an emergency situation?
Everything operates as it does today. Our platform compensates distribution system operators just like retailers do. Power Ledger provides the transactive layer on top of the physical flows, it does not affect the movement of electricity or how the DSO maintains the network.
Is the peer-to-peer platform secure?
Yes. We only work with "revenue grade" meters — this means that the meters our platform attaches to must comply with the relevant international standards for accuracy and tamper resistance. This adds to the robustness of our already extremely secure blockchain-based application.


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Power Ledger is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0x595832F8FC6BF59c85C527fEC3740A1b7a361269.


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404,852,066 (40% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

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0x8c41d7d182e7f3223afce80346d767ecebcfd02c 497,113,771
0xfbb1b73c4f0bda4f67dca266ce6ef42f520fbb98 88,590,620.7845 Bittrex 1
0x4e9ce36e442e55ecd9025b9a6e0d88485d628a67 73,989,663.1753 Binance 6
0x19184ab45c40c2920b0e0e31413b9434abd243ed 30,006,923.0056
0xa63536275df4ba5efe32a6718e725160e4fd7ca2 26,956,187
0x49578728b9994b63cb385500b03304ca2eca3d1c 24,525,461.1193
0xf2f00c27759b56a8bc11d478cdebfadf00ff7588 20,000,000
0x29330e4b324cf7b2c51933966386086f8c5145f6 12,285,466
0xb74de1a0832c436359018ee3611e3ce42b133471 12,233,191.5154
0xba826fec90cefdf6706858e5fbafcb27a290fbe0 11,500,300.5021 Upbit 2
0x7bb588ecad483ef9bbd7f428723bf3eb08888bb4 9,500,000
0xc018d2c798f9e8bfe566caff86de2cee07bd97b6 9,500,000
0x8f4f1a4ea028dd239caef4b45475ff2b151edbbc 8,313,344.3182
0xf4b64f4f22b163ed4142266eb3ece4f9065743eb 4,903,926
0x4d6a230c0a7286e9c6c391dc765f101836d9d81b 4,577,845
0x030e37ddd7df1b43db172b23916d523f1599c6cb 4,000,000
0xe3bdc01b0f233739832105062fc0a36888dcde97 3,493,148
0x4678b10000b032197ae5a403058cd72096198650 2,958,617.2159
0x283cf419c7bad0a64cbff17820a482e9f179564d 2,597,100.2
0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be 2,558,812.8764 Binance 1

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Upbit POWR/KRW $0.1184 0.91% $240,037 0.74% 0.74%
Binance POWR/BTC $0.1164 -0.84% $158,276 0.37% 0.93%
Bittrex POWR/BTC $0.1157 -1.4% $31,832 0.75% 1.1%
Binance POWR/ETH $0.1175 0.17% $22,322 0.92% 3.2%
BTC Markets POWR/AUD $0.1164 -0.82% $19,311 2.5% 3.3%
Binance POWR/BNB $0.1151 -1.9% $8,192.30 0.95% 1.3%
Bittrex POWR/ETH $0.1157 -1.4% $2,140.02 0.94% 4.1% POWR/BTC $0.1179 0.47% $841.20 1.9% 63% POWR/USDT $0.1164 -0.82% $107.70 2.8% 49% POWR/ETH $0.1181 0.64% $50.81 3.4%
BTC Markets POWR/BTC $0.0269 -77% $1.8852 26% 26%
Lykke POWR/BTC $0.2194 87% $0.0000 62%
Lykke POWR/ETH $0.0435 -63% $0.0000 100%

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