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Have you pressed the love button lately?

Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone.


Reddcoin Solutions LLC

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How are ReddCoins created?
New ReddCoins are created by a decentralized process called “mining.” This process involves individuals who are rewarded by the ReddCoin network for their services and time. ReddCoin miners process transactions and secure the network by using specialized computers and are rewarded ReddCoins in return. No central authority or organization has the power to control or manipulate the ReddCoin mining network to increase their profits. ReddCoins are created at a fixed rate, regardless if there are 100 miners or one million miners mining ReddCoin. This allows ReddCoins to be created at a fair & predictable rate.
Do ReddCoins really have monetary value?
Yes! ReddCoin specifically and Cryptocurrencies in general are still new, and as such can vary in value. As of 30 April 2014 02:00:00 UTC: 28 000 RDD ≈ $1.00 USD
Why do ReddCoins have value?
ReddCoins have value because they are a form of money. They can be spent as tender & accepted as a form of payment. Cryptocurrencies derive their value from their scarcity, which limits supply, and desirability, which drives demand.
What determines ReddCoin’s value?
ReddCoin’s price is determined by supply & demand. If demand for ReddCoins increase, its value will increase. If demand for ReddCoins decrease, its price will decrease. When more social networks & games integrate ReddCoin, the demand for more ReddCoins will increase. Each day, miners are rewarded with newly generated ReddCoins. These rewards are a form of compensation for helping secure the ReddCoin network, and are distributed at a decreasing and predictable rate. These attributes influence ReddCoin’s level of inflation to grow at a steady and healthy rate, allowing for a stable value. Only 109 billion ReddCoins can ever exist, with approximately 21.5 billion having been created as of 30 April 2014. By late summer or early fall 2014, ReddCoin will switch from a mining "Proof of Work" reward system to a new Proof of Stake Velocity system which rewards holders and users of Reddcoin with an average annual percentage interest of approximately 5%.
Let's back up... You "mine" Reddcoin?
Well, not exactly. "Mining" is a common analogy to help people understand how ReddCoin and other Cryptocurrencies are created. Much like mining gold or other precious metals, ReddCoin miners are competing with each other to earn a finite and increasingly difficult to attain commodity. The folks at made a great introductory video to help explain how this works. In reality, a more accurate term for miners would be "bookkeepers," as they help verify and secure the ReddCoin blockchain - a public ledger of all ReddCoin transactions. These miners are competing with each other for Block Rewards, which are awarded to one miner each minute based how much of the total computational power each miner contributes to the network. Miners with greater computational power are more likely to win the reward, and thus "mine" more ReddCoin each day than smaller miners. Often, groups of miners pool together to increase their chance of winning a reward and then split up any rewards received (much like when co-workers pool money together for a lottery ticket).
How can I get ReddCoins?
There are five ways to get more ReddCoins: Purchase ReddCoins Unfortunately, due to ReddCoin’s young age, there are currently no exchanges that offer direct fiat to ReddCoin conversions. To purchase ReddCoins, you must first purchase BitCoins from an exchange that offers direct fiat to BitCoin conversions such as CoinBase or BitStamp. You can also purchase Bitcoin instantly with Paypal/Visa/Mastercard on Virwox: . You then transfer your newly bought BitCoins to an exchange that offers direct BitCoin to ReddCoin conversions such as CoinedUp, then exchange your BitCoins for ReddCoins. e.g. $/¥/£/ք ---> BitCoins ---> ReddCoins For a full list of exchanges that offer BitCoin to ReddCoin conversions, please view /r/ReddCoin’s sidebar Mine ReddCoins Anyone with a decent computer can mine ReddCoins, though not necessarily in an efficient manner. Presently, any computer owner with a standard Graphics Card (or GPU) can effectively and profitably mine ReddCoins, though many miners create custom mining rigs to maximize computational power and mining profits. For guides on mining, see the main Wiki. Click here for a full guide on building a mining rig (the guide says LiteCoin but it can mine any scrypt-based cryptocurrency such as ReddCoin). After your mining rig is built, view the sidebar of /r/ReddCoin for a full list of ReddCoin mining pools to join. Please note: it is generally not recommended that you mine with a laptop computer, as this can lead to dangerous overheating. Visit ReddCoin Faucets Simply visit ReddCoin faucet websites such as FreeReddCoin or CraveGig to get free ReddCoins! Faucet websites run entirely on donations from the ReddCoin community to give back to the community. Receive ReddCoins as a Tip Don’t have the hardware to mine? Not enough funds to purchase ReddCoins? Faucets don’t give enough? Not all hope is lost! Simply find ways to be tipped in ReddCoins! The ReddCoin community is known as a generous tipping community for a reason. Visit any social network that ReddCoin is currently integrated & get involved with the community so you can be showered with tips. Accept ReddCoins as a form of payment for goods or services Accepting ReddCoins as payment is a great way to get more ReddCoins. At the same time, you solidify the ReddCoin network by backing it as a form of currency.
What separates ReddCoin from other cryptocurrencies?
ReddCoin had a successful Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) prior to its public launch. The purpose of an IPCO is to raise capital to monetize the investments of early investors and to raise funds for business-related expenses to expand ReddCoin’s network and infrastructure. 386 investors pledged 168.83470154 BitCoins during ReddCoin’s IPCO. This means $100,000+ USD is financially backing ReddCoin. Many cryptocurrencies suffer from IPCO scams, failed launches, & zero financial backing. ReddCoin did not have any of these problems. ReddCoin is a community driven cryptocurrency. This means there is no reliance on ReddCoin’s developers to complete all of the work such as advertising ReddCoin to potential users, programming social network tipbots, designing ReddCoin-related website layouts, etc. The community tries to help the developers & newcomers with anything they can. In result, /r/ReddCoin has become the fourth largest crypto community on Reddit (as of 3/15/14). There are over 100 crypto related subs on Reddit & ReddCoin has only been public since 2/2/14. Many cryptocurrencies suffer from the “multipool” problem. Multipools are pools miners use to mine the most profitable coin for the sole purpose of profit. Because multipool miners are only mining for profit with zero intention of holding their coins, this can lead to massive sell walls on exchanges. Sell walls are large amounts of coins sitting on exchanges waiting to be sold. Sell walls indicate there is more supply than demand & they can lower the value of coins. ReddCoin’s scrypt implements the Kimoto Gravity Well to deter multipools from mining ReddCoin. This prevents major dumps of ReddCoin on exchanges. The tipbots of other cryptocurrencies are often created by different individuals on a best-effort basis with different implementation in different language, run on different servers, and use different commands and responses. This lack of consistency can lead to suboptimal user experience. All of ReddCoins current tipbots (Twitter, Twitch.TV, Justin.TV, etc.) were created by the same developer & use the same set of commands & generate the same set of responses. This is to ensure consistent and uniform user experience across multiple social networks, regardless where you're tipping.


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Reddcoin: the digital social currency


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RdLmuVt2ByWxXhiqhKSk4aV9UPLj6Lu3HL 2,729,444,987.0872 28951
RmuCdYX8HqQ5Zwibi5owj6PBMQcW1CaRjp 2,020,818,582.5428
Rs4FHxm7isYV2C9qKbY2wHpcSbp57CpE39 1,751,109,204.7739 8591
Rfb6BuVHc9G7w7fSBKSUit5TP18ffG5Q7z 1,258,078,572.67
Rq3JYs9bjBhBsAkYBEWZTPg9Dk57evFbYh 817,225,947.65978 158390
Rws2www1vF5uiSgAScLYVuKs7GVZ6SVGZn 334,998,443.55016 8591
RkmJFWQNh5vmdgyk4isfHrPUpmuRhJ9nQh 308,500,623 8591
Rbxpzij4X8XVYZJsPfZk3uwPzjaYjfsTpt 299,974,625.13408 8591
RZmrwTyhNT7gAcyqe2AgQBzUHfWHRkkwkD 270,000,000 8591
Rrv6z89CvEYcuwKhjL4gVaFoLGir6Ya2mQ 240,197,436.27279 8591
RtHgeVxLFmH3gQTHT97pF934ms9MLgsDmZ 220,687,677.99662
RcfuAgwr5cDPobPvAFCH4nBJppnPKtEakz 199,280,291.03458 8591
RmfeSDXYcz7nbVva8LKiYxjLvP94qmGXER 198,000,000 31981
Ru596icsgZgrCNsP1TE6h4gnaZKkGuzmVe 196,887,630 8591
RkbyF9EsEnZpdXn3oougPRdDGnGRwDT3W5 196,333,894.79859
RdVKTUiHK36GNP5wQ9vjS544gpvrcPWB2x 189,999,999 56595
RkveydjqundcK39sigpHLfbXUjWwYAtFdC 187,490,996.1628
RcRqrF5W4saw53eRsKsd1cHCSCtAvEjxci 184,807,138.17118
RdtHoHn9X4H51j4CBg9EAWR3Wx9QTcpR6r 174,174,300 8591
Rsn8gfGJpmtDxnBKdLD6eEHEjAFDs9yyzn 168,053,287.19182

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