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Republic, a decentralized open-source dark pool protocol facilitating atomic swaps between cryptocurrency pairs across the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Trades are placed on a hidden order book and are matched through an engine built on a multi-party computation protocol. This provides order execution without exposing market sensitive information such as price and volume at a certain position, which would provide an advantage to other traders. Republic removes the need for a trusted intermediary to operate a dark pool and provides crypto-economic incentives through a protocol token for governance; enabling the development of a secure, decentralized, scalable dark pool protocol capable of handling billions in trading volume daily.
Utility of the coin/token
Computational nodes must be incentivized to perform the order matching computations. It is unlikely that participants will be willing to run order matching nodes if they have no financial incentive to do so, especially when running and maintaining order matching nodes is not free. The REN token is introduced to provide this incentivization. It is also used to pay bonds to the Registrar, allowing traders and order matching nodes to participate in the Republic Dark Pool. Fees provide a decentralized mechanism for the users of the system (i.e. traders) to remunerate those that are providing the computational power (i.e. nodes) necessary to fulfill the needs of the users. Traders pay an order fee, in REN, when submitting an order. If the order expires before it is matched, the order fee is refunded to the trader. Any node that participates in the decentralized computation for an order that has been matched receives a share of the order fee (the shares are calculated by evenly splitting the order fee amongst all of the participating nodes).
Rights of the coin/token holder
You can stake 100,000 REN to run a Darknode.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Taiyang Zhang
Loong Wang

Research on the Chapel programming language in collaboration with Cray Inc. The research involved experimental improvements to making the language, targeted at supercomputers, more efficient and more ergonomic to use.

Jaz Gulati
Software Developer
Divya Mary
Software Developer

Graduate student in Computing at Australian National University and Software Developer at Republic Protocol.

Vincent Au
Software Developer

To create efficient, well-designed, and high-impact software that improve and enrich the lives of people around the world.

Ross Pure
Vincent Ward
Hugh Greethead
Darren Toh
Head of Legal & Communications

Manager for legal matters and communications, including project management.

Susruth Nadimpalli
Blockchain Developer

Susruth is an experienced programmer with a fanatical interest in cryptocurrencies and real-world blockchain applications.

Yunshi Sun
Software Developer

Yunshi is a passionate programmer with a master in computer science from the Australian National University. With a focus on algorithms and complex data structures, he is proficient in multiple programming languages.

Michael Burgess
Chief Liquidity Officer at Republic Protocol

Liquidity Acquisition | Operations | Community | International Regulatory Compliance

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is a dark pool?
A dark pool is an over the counter trading (OTC) market where orders between buyers and sellers are private from each other, facilitated by a ‘hidden order book’ as opposed to a regular exchange where all buy and sell orders are in open view.
What are the benefits of a decentralized dark pool?
The primary advantages of a decentralized dark pool are: Security, Transparency, Privacy, Fairer implementation of the market & greater uptime.
What is a 3rd party dark pool operator?
The dark pool operated by the Ren team is RenEx and one can trade there now: However, a 3rd party dark pool operator is any party that has developed a dark pool on top of the Ren protocol. The dark pool operator implements the rule set by which the dark pool behaves.The Darknodes provide the order book, order matching engine, and settlement for the operator's dark pool built on the protocol in a base layer, following the specific rules set by the operator.
What is the main difference between an an Over-the-Counter (OTC) market and a dark pool?
OTC markets generally refer to any private deals made away from exchanges. A dark pool is a 'dark' exchange where buy and sell orders are matched with a hidden order book, but is generally considered as another OTC market as the trading is not conducted on exchanges in public view.
What type of digital assets can be traded on the protocol?
Due to the protocol allowing for the abstraction of the settlement layers from the sMPC order matching engine, a dark pool on Republic Protocol is not restricted to just using decentralized settlement. A dark pool built on Republic Protocol could theoretically match any type of cryptocurrency pairing.
Who will use dark pools?
The target market for dark pools are institutional traders, OTC trading desks, funds and high net worth individual traders - ‘whales’. Essentially, any party looking to make their trades on an OTC away from public exchanges, that is, not wanting to make a significant price impact entering/exiting their position.
What is Shamir's Secret Sharing?
Shamir's Secret Sharing is a cryptographic algorithm created by Adi Shamir. The premise is simple, a secret is divided into multiple parts, with participants in the secret sharing scheme needing the parts to be able to reconstruct the secret.
What is Secure Multi-Party Computation (sMPC)?
Secure multi-party computation is a field of cryptography with the goal of allowing parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping those inputs private. That is, how computations in a network with multiple parties are done while still keeping them secret from each party.
What is the potential market scope for volume?
Determining the potential volume for dark pools in such a nascent market can be difficult, but in traditional financial markets, dark pools represent anywhere between 10–30% of all volume traded.
What is the vision for REN?
Our vision for Ren is to enable a world of privacy-preserving applications. Ren will power a new kind of trustless distributed computation — one where all applications are run in secret — preserving the privacy of all users and data.


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Token InformationToken Information
Republic Protocol is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0x408e41876cccdc0f92210600ef50372656052a38.

Source Code Repositories

republicprotocol/renex-sol 84 Stars 10 Contributers 1 Open Issues

RenEx Ethereum contracts, written in Solidity

republicprotocol/republic-go 64 Stars 16 Contributers 1 Open Issues

An official reference implementation of Republic Protocol, written in Go

republicprotocol/zksnark-rs 30 Stars 5 Contributers 2 Open Issues

Zero knowledge succinct arguments of knowledge, written in Rust


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
601,586,967 (60% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0xbe0eb53f46cd790cd13851d5eff43d12404d33e8 257,507,418.635055
0x9a4cd44c1a55cfda565430dee9bfb54f2aacfd6a 157,502,400.510638 Republic Protocol: MultiSig (Contract)
0xd5a18069d4486e3b963978003d7f07dc0418bd28 39,250,468.43
0x06df0657ba5e8f5339e742212669f6e7ee3c5057 16,500,000
0xc516fd5d4f41de88994847b16a329cd572f1b94a 15,200,000
0x6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b 12,769,555.8599172 Okex 1
0xf9c29ce6ac889ef5bc4b3ffa057d746e6a9e2828 11,901,218.66548
0x9a5aca734579ab8038a08ed647f09b2d97c82cfa 11,887,345
0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be 10,042,908.3797404 Binance 1
0x2dd37df5f8d87bb1bec46346ab7f5cb9247a4026 10,000,101
0xe4909bb490bbae5415f29de95d33c5d017963f8e 10,000,000
0x71110d8a0427ff3a898cca3ec7a054b6583949b8 10,000,000
0x97b401ae5db9f3159df1c639d15f719ef4a4a6dd 8,750,000
0x2a0c0dbecc7e4d658f48e01e3fa353f44050c208 8,054,394.61685953 IDEX 1 (Contract)
0x6111b1e24518f9dd2fce70c4062ed604b06ffdb7 8,000,000
0x8137d3f6159f3224dfafb7be56e9dbfe2892cded 7,999,950
0x76dd03f129919423a44f531b2e9fafaa5b4d83db 7,658,358
0xf88eb60d04ae68feab39c8f784045f6ea9ceecf3 7,611,608
0xfc1b6a8547318cec65acd5e5840ca3c10a8c8850 7,234,395.388
0xa6b78c4ba0d648473876f89b1d2c91e99822edcd 6,526,585

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance REN/BTC $0.1246 0.02% $8,884,721 0.19% 0.38%
Binance REN/BNB $0.1241 -0.4% $385,170 0.33% 3.4%

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