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Project StatusProject StatusWorking Product
SectorSectorSmart Contracts
Funds raisedFunds raised58M
Key personKey personJustin Sun

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Decentralize the web

TRON is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency that was founded by TRON Foundation. TRON is an application intended to allow content creators to be compensated for sharing their content. TRON incorporates a blockchain based peer-to-peer technology which basically means that like other cryptocurrencies, it is capable of eliminating the middleman. From another aspect, TRON’s technology is a distributed storage facility that allows its users to access entertainment content from every part around the world without seeking assistance from GooglePlay Store or Apple Store. As a result, the content producers are able to receive funds directly from the consumers quickly.
Utility of the coin/token


Tron Foundation Limited

Company NumberCompany Number 201721312Z
301 Howard St, San Francisco

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is the difference between TRON and TRONIX?
TRON is the name of the project, while TRONIX (TRX) is the name of the currency. If you are questioning the difference between the two because of the CoinMarketCap app on iPhone, we would like to inform you that it is not officially made by CoinMarketCap and is likely a bug.
Why are there multiple websites?
1) is the original website 2) is a new domain name but effectively the same website 3) is the foreign domain name for the same site.
How does TRON compare to other decentralized web projects?
1) TRON's consensus mechanism is PoRep rather than PoW. Proof of Replication is much more power efficient than Proof of Work, yet still offers intrinsic value to ecosystem from the consumption of disk space. 2) Ultimately, a utility token has to have monetary value, which is largely dependent on the rate it is consumed. Many similar projects have a single factor that determines the rate at which their token is consumed which is users buying storage space. As soon as demand for storage declines, so does the value of the coin. TRON's advantage in this is that it has multiple factors contributing to demand for TRONIX. It will not only be used for storage, but will also be used within applications as currency, be used in the ecosystem to consume entertainment, or be used to enter any sub-ecosystem that exists within TRON's platform. This will result in multiple factors that keep the value of TRONIX stable.
Can I mine TRONIX?
Yes. By contributing storage space to the network and successfully executing Proof of Replication, you will be able to mine TRX.
Will I be able to stake TRONIX?
Yes, by locking in your TRONIX, it will become Tron Power (TP). Those who lock in TP will be rewarded based on the amount and length of time it is locked.
Can I be held responsible for illegal content when contributing storage to the network?
For the United States, Section 512 of digital millennium copyright act. Storage providers, websites, and ISP are protected under 230(c)(1) of the Communications Decency Act.
What is super representative? How do I know what super representatives are and what organizations/individuals they stand for?
Super representative is the bookkeeper on the TRON network, totaling 27 of them. They are responsible for verifying the transaction data distributed on the network to perform package transaction and create blocks. Super representative’s information is publicly available on the TRON network. The most convenient way is to visit TRON’s block chain browser to view the list of super representatives and their information.
What does TRON voting mean? What are the benefits to ordinary token holders? How can they participate in the vote?
Voting is used to select 27 super representatives to maintain the normal operation of the TRON network. Users participate in the voting, which not only benefits the development of the community and the network, but also gives users direct incentives. At present, the main network is not launched. You can do a simulated voting on the testnet first. For detailed voting process, please see the official guidance document.
Why does TRON decide one TRX equaling one vote?
After our discussion, TRON decides one TRX can have one vote, because we think that the system of one TRX equaling many votes is unfair.
Will additional TRX be issued? When will the additional issue start? What is the proportion of additional issue?
TRX will not make additional issues before 2021. The bonus TRX for package transactions before 2021 will come from the TRON Foundation. Afterwards, we will increase the supply of TRX at a fixed amount instead of at a certain percentage.


Key metricsKey metrics
ProofProofProof of work
Token InformationToken Information
Tron is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0xf230b790E05390FC8295F4d3F60332c93BEd42e2.

Source Code Repositories

tronprotocol/java-tron 2256 Stars 111 Contributers 25 Open Issues

Java implementation of the Tron whitepaper


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
66,140,232,427 (73% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Rich List Addresses holding the largest balances

AddressAddress AmountAmount NameName
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 99,188,806,103.1157
0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be 77,406,217.835329 Binance 1
0x188f5aaac18b9f533fe20e8e7cb7dfbf1906421a 20,066,889.6
0xfb2d5ab7c0480e2ec29aa3f3ee688f030b374eb3 15,999,667
0x8d12a197cb00d4747a1fe03395095ce2a5cc6819 11,542,580.390459 EtherDelta 2 (Contract)
0x9d8e0196a2f907d3ce0af65ffae7258451bb9c39 7,486,758.2987
0x6460c22e5830f2b2ae713862182a14fcdb97b425 6,999,100
0x87e873acfb33487ce27581fb57c3b73686a463c4 6,370,962.596
0xf230b790e05390fc8295f4d3f60332c93bed42e2 5,523,472.250382 Tron Token
0xcb3ca157ccd432e5f1c4ebe2999318541aec9190 5,001,026.379964
0xa96eeb82e8318c167fc02afd78b8ead18bc435a5 4,403,366
0x9537227098999c0237d7dbff6f975f330d5137b6 3,965,001.3854
0x368cae91d2244f7af50d101c268133181a2258ba 3,938,941.815
0x1c4b70a3968436b9a0a9cf5205c787eb81bb558c 3,848,018.214823 3
0xcb06b4371afcc612551763abc4fb15bd2b6d1648 3,755,322.34
0x79fab02d3a392cec5115a7305a4d536c1924c2a5 3,732,747.398
0x1812b92dca9b34688a87873a3873a1c8ea9f901b 3,332,513.333334
0xb112652dc526510a8eb18b2dbad28d04f53fcf91 3,245,976.492638
0x6a8dc8b5dc675d444076aee8333481b54128ae91 2,997,589.005322
0x0c4f0a70b4870e1f237baa31420bc16df2b16250 2,927,465.824799

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance TRX/USDT $0.0203 0.19% $10,955,312 0.1% 0.1%
Binance TRX/BTC $0.0204 0.56% $4,705,902 0.58% 0.58%
Upbit TRX/KRW $0.0200 -1.5% $2,967,258 0.41% 0.82%
Binance TRX/ETH $0.0202 -0.07% $813,982 0.18% 0.25% TRX/USDT $0.0202 -0.15% $675,506 0.15% 0.2%
Binance TRX/XRP $0.0202 -0.39% $444,760 0.19% 0.51%
Bittrex TRX/BTC $0.0204 0.56% $376,033 0.58% 0.58%
Binance TRX/BNB $0.0203 0.08% $349,172 0.15% 0.44%
Binance TRX/USDC $0.0202 -0.26% $204,251 0.35% 0.35%
Indodax TRX/IDR $0.0203 0.33% $156,149 0.34% 0.34%
Bittrex TRX/USD $0.0201 -0.74% $118,922 0.59% 0.64%
Bitfinex TRX/BUSD $0.0203 0% $99,561 0.35% 0.35%
Binance TRX/TUSD $0.0203 0.36% $98,045 0.54% 0.54%
Bittrex TRX/USDT $0.0203 -0.01% $49,846 0.2% 0.21%
Bitfinex TRX/BTC $0.0201 -0.61% $41,506 0.58% 1.2%
Binance TRX/PAX $0.0202 -0.45% $32,469 0.39% 0.49%
Bittrex TRX/ETH $0.0203 -0.02% $30,754 0.02% 0.35%
Bitfinex TRX/ETH $0.0201 -0.82% $20,477 0.25% 0.37% TRX/ETH $0.0200 -1.2% $3,944.15 0.4%
Bitfinex TRX/BEUR $0.0203 0% $684.92 0.37% 0.38%
Bitfinex TRX/BGBP $0.0203 0% $35.41 0.37% 0.38%
Bitfinex TRX/BJPY $0.0203 0% $27.93 0.37% 0.37% BTT/TRX $0.0200 -1.4% $0.0000 82%

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The total amount of #TRC20-based #USDT rewarded was 8,106.277988 and a total of 1741 accounts received the reward. According to the USDT price on Bitfinex on August 8(PDT), the total value of the reward was equivalent to $ 8,103.278665. #TRON #TRX $TRX

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According to @dapp_review, #TRON #DApp 24h volume (USD) has reached $18.6M, which surpassed that of #ETH and #EOS. Among all the DApps, @WINkorg is the one with the most volume. #TRX $TRX…

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#SUNNetwork v1.0 is ready to release this week. #TRX $TRX…

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