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The Global Leader in Blockchain + IoT

Waltonchain uses blockchain to create a management system for supply chains with IoT (specifically RFID). It was named after Charlie Walton, the inventor of RFID technology.

Team OverviewTeam Overview

Do Sanghyuk
initiator in Korea

Korean, Vice Chairman of the China - Korea Cultural Exchange Development Committee, Director of the Korea Standard Products Association, Chairman of Seongnam Branch of the Korea Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, Chairman of Korea NC Technology Co., Ltd., Senior Reporter of IT TODAY News, Senior Reporter of NEWS PAPER Economic Department, Director of ET NEWS.

Xu Fangcheng
initiator in China

Chinese, majored in Business Management, former Director for Supply Chain Management of Septwolves Group Ltd., has rich practical experience in supply chain management and purchasing process management. Currently, he is the Director of Shenzhen Silicon, the Director of Xiamen Silicon and the Board Chairman of Quanzhou Silicon. He is also one of our Angel investors.

Kim Sukki
Internet of Things

Chinese, majored in Business Management, former Director for Supply Chain Management of Septwolves Group Ltd., has rich practical experience in supply chain management and purchasing process management. Currently, he is the Director of Shenzhen Silicon, the Director of Xiamen Silicon and the Board Chairman of Quanzhou Silicon. He is also one of our Angel investors.

Zhu Yanping


WaltonChain ????

Bixin Rd, LongGang ZhongXin Cheng, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

What is Waltonchain?
Through the combination of RFID, IoT and blockchain, Waltonchain promotes blockchain from the Internet to the IoT to create a genuine and traceable business ecosystem with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency.
What does Waltonchain do?
We provide a solution to the bottleneck of commercial blockchain applications and upload physical assets to blockchain automatically.
Can you tell us about Waltonchain team?
Waltonchain has grown to a team of more than 200, nearly 80% of which are technical professionals, from the original 50+ people a year ago. Waltonchain has set up research bases in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Quanzhou and Xiamen in China and Seoul in Korea, and has become an international organization.
What is the future vision of Waltonchain?
From the IoT standpoint, whether the whole network architecture is advanced, expensive or what devices, terminals and services are used for connection is no longer the focus. The real focus is the meaning of connection. Blockchain can help us build trust, a new-generation IoT ecology where software and hardware interconnects, chains integrate in a network, data is shared, query and validation becomes cross-domain and value is transmitted. Here data is the core, equipment is the framework, network is the bond and value is the fabric.
How is WTC used?
In the Waltonchain system, you have to be a stake holder to participate in the service, use it or provide it to others. The service is data-centered. Being a stake holder means you have to hold WTC. Only the holders can contribute data to the system via uploading it to blockchain and exchange data with value for more value. We think data equals to value; and WTC is the carrier and reputation of value. With the continuous growth of the Waltonchain ecosystem, more businesses will join it. A large amount of WTC will be consumed for packaging the parent and child-chain data. The demand for WTC will continue to increase, accordingly. WTC is the only parent-chain token of the whole business ecosystem. Any data and asset exchange across child chains needs to consume parent-chain tokens. When the ecosystem is formed, cross-chain data interaction becomes highly frequent. Then business demand for WTC will increase continuously.
What are the core technological advantages and innovations of Waltonchain?
Our technical advantages: 1. High safety, 2. Real traceability, 3. True anti-counterfeiting, 4. Decentralization and complete credibility, 5. Labor cost reduction. Innovations: 1. Introduction of the VIoT concept to seamlessly integrate blockchain with the IoT. 2. The original cross-chain mechanism for Waltonchain data sharing in all walks of life, 3. The Chain Cluster concept.
What are the advantages and unique features of Waltonchain compared with other blockchain projects?
Waltonchain white paper describes a vast ecosystem which provides access to numerous child chains, traceability and decentralization of products and information in different industries, and solves the problem of information islands in the Internet and even the Internet of Things industry. Waltonchain has proposed technological innovations such as chain cluster, WPoC and PoL. Our R&D team has a thorough understanding of the current blockchain technology; therefore we have good chances to realize this project vision. With the ecosystem growth, Waltonchain will become a parent-child chain system similar to Ethereum smart contracts and cover most of the world’s industries. Waltonchain and its child chains have great value.
Waltonchain develops quite fast in application implementation. How will ordinary people benefit from these solutions?
Currently, blockchain is still in a relatively early stage. Blockchain 1.0 was mainly digital currencies serving as a payment method. Stage 2.0 was the application of commercial clauses in Ethereum smart contracts and digital agreements. Now blockchain is in stage 3.0 with Internet of Things applications. Pure software blockchain projects face application difficulties, because they are mostly limited to financial cases, such as auditing, billing, taxation and banking. Although they can store and simplify data in a distributed way, they still need hardware support to apply to the real economy. Waltonchain is a solution integrating software and hardware. As to how we, ordinary people, benefit in agriculture and medical care, take Wuchang rice for example. Visualized information about origin, cultivation, harvesting place, including rice circulation up to retail sale to customers, is stored on blockchain and can be monitored through our system to ensure the information flow is true. You can scan a code or use our app to see all product information from source to end. The same applies to liquor, medical care, luxury industry etc. We record production, circulation, transportation etc. information on blockchain, can trace the problem origin quickly, know the responsible person at once, and thus solve trust issues.
How does Waltonchain achieve traceability?
When the Waltonchain system is applied to an enterprise product line, the general data structure describing the product production cycle information is efficiently written to blockchain. Compilability provides customized data structure design for different product types. With RFID identification, authenticity and reliability of the data uploaded to blockchain is ensured. We cover raw material procurement, product production, assembly, packaging and inventory management operations. Due to the openness and transparency of blockchain, the source of raw materials, production and product quality can be identified and the quality problem source can be traced. We eliminate the possibility of product forgery, break the information barriers and fundamentally protect the interests of consumers. At the same time, standardized and reliable recording of production business process information through blockchain will provide low-cost data information solutions for product manufacturers and realize smart management.
What parts of the supply chain can Waltonchain be applied to?
Waltonchain products include blockchain system and DApp development, alliance chain development, exchange platform system development, etc. We develop corresponding solutions and supporting hardware and software according to the business needs in the production, packaging, transportation, retail and other links to realize product blockchain traceability.


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Walton is a token on the ETH platform using the ERC-20 standard. The address of the token contract is 0xb7cB1C96dB6B22b0D3d9536E0108d062BD488F74.

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0xbc77901baf141be56bc549332d404bade6be64ba 8,794,435.98933
0xfa4b5be3f2f84f56703c42eb22142744e95a2c58 2,146,770.0371 Huobi 11
0x156b9d3b9bfce494d54eb4de120735a9f4405a21 1,190,574.87039
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0xecd5733726df8a6a0d8803530f150c8bcea7937d 697,774.49898
0x188616e2d481d17190655b8112250912139fb118 562,367
0xf158a14cd12fbdcd5feeda5be0e04fc9e8d2e97f 510,715.23934
0x3fe5ffd58bba7265ba8dacfe8a88696670f3abae 465,298.9739
0x2b2267ecb305f81573058487f64393ba03191d80 432,598.1
0xe12e727dee902cbb27227f924003dd421210cbb5 419,050
0x511fb75a1e1526a3732a49e90d35d84d785f4f1b 417,445
0x6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b 373,759.14064 Okex 1
0x05117d3fef7c9da0009114841842e3e34ef7877a 364,504
0xf977814e90da44bfa03b6295a0616a897441acec 350,000
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0x38dffbb5fcd595f2f902a7775d79476b8aebe5bd 287,260.326
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Lykke WTC/BTC $89.22 5,500% $0.0000
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