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RevenueRevenue2.1M ZEC
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Key personKey personZooko Wilcox-O'Hearn

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Zcash is a privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science.

Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that provides strong privacy protections. Shielded transactions hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain. If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https—a secure transport layer. For the first 4 years, Zcash's founders get 20% of the block rewards, effectively making 10% of total supply (2.1 million ZEC). Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies expose your entire payment history to the public. Zcash is the first open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.


The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company LLC

Company NumberCompany Number Delaware LLC : 5638987
3001 Brighton Blvd, Denver, Colorado 80216

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

Does Zcash have multi-signature transactions?
Yes, transparent addresses support multi-signature transactions but shielded addresses do not yet . You can see the difference between single-signature and multi-signature transparent addresses with their starting characters: "t1" and "t3" respectively. Note that it's possible to sandwich any transaction using transparent addresses — e.g. a multi-signature transaction — between private Zcash spends. For example, do a private Zcash spend to yourself, then do a globally transparent multi-signature transaction and then the new holder of the funds (possibly you or possibly someone else) does another private Zcash spend to themselves. Please consider the privacy and security recommendations before implementing such a strategy. Some privacy benefits may be preserved from that technique. We would caution against assuming this gives blanket privacy in general for any use, though, so this is an area for future study.
What is the difference between Zcash and Bitcoin?
Zcash is a code fork of the bitcoin protocol and maintains its own blockchain and currency token. Zcash builds on the existing work from the Bitcoin core team to enable privacy preserving transaction data using zero-knowledge proofs. It also includes some non-privacy changes to bitcoin, including its proof of work algorithm.
What is the difference between addresses that start with t and z?
Addresses which start with "t" behave similarly to Bitcoin, exposing addresses and balances on the blockchain and we refer to these as "transparent addresses". Addresses which start with "z" include the privacy enhancements provided by zero-knowledge proofs and we refer to these as "shielded addresses". It is possible to send ZEC between these two address types. The Sapling network upgrade introduces a new shielded address for improved efficiency and functionality. The legacy shielded addresses start with a "zc" and the new Sapling shielded addresses start with a "zs".
What do I do if my transaction is not being mined?
All transactions expire by default after ~10 minutes/20 blocks and funds are returned to the original sending address. If your transaction expires, the best thing to do is to try your transaction again with some possible modifications.There may be various reasons why your transaction is not included in a block Loss of connectivity Transaction fee too low Network overload Too many transparent inputs (transaction size too large) We suggest trying your transaction again with: Try again with a better connection Use the standard fee (0.0001 ZEC) Try again later, or increase the fee for high priority transactions Use a minimal amount of inputs to limit the size, or increase the fee for large transactions
How do I get my ZEC into a Sapling shielded address?
If you don't want to install zcashd or another full node wallet , you'll have to wait until there's more third-party wallets which support them. Until then, contact the makers of your favorite wallet and ask them to support Zcash Sapling shielded addresses.
How should I run Zcash?
Zcash Company maintains the zcashd reference client. To run zcashd, the user guide is the best place to start. There are alternative third-party clients and wallets that you also might want to consider.
Are my funds safe during the transition?
If your wallet has upgraded, you don’t need to do anything to 'transfer' your money. For safe keeping of funds during any version upgrade and as a general practice, we highly recommend making and keeping regular backups of your wallet. It is best practice to stop sending transactions near the network upgrade activation height; we recommend not sending transactions an hour or so beforehand. Transactions that are not mined before the activation height will need to be resent after the upgrade. If you have sent a transaction after the upgrade and it has not been mined, wait for the transaction to expire and try your transaction again.
What if there is a critical vulnerability in the protocol?
In case a critical vulnerability is discovered in the protocol which would place user funds at risk, potentially compromise privacy, or present some other substantial danger, an emergency upgrade will be activated as quickly as safely possible. We will coordinate an emergency protocol upgrade process through our standard security announcements page.
What is the mission of Zcash?
Our mission is to empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. We believe that personal privacy is essential for core human values like dignity, intimacy, and ethics. Companies need privacy in order to conduct business. Privacy strengthens social ties and social institutions, enables democracy and civil political processes, protects societies against their enemies, and helps societies to be more peaceful and more prosperous. We are a science-driven team. We are the discoverers of the underlying scientific techniques and the designers of the technology but we are not the ultimate controllers of the network — that power lies in the hands of the users. We believe in decentralization, which promotes security and fairness. Every user of Zcash is a part of the network, and helps protect it against failure and corruption.
When did Zcash launch?
The Zcash block chain launched on October 28, 2016, bringing into existence the first Zcash monetary units. This software release and the initial phase of the block chain is called ‘Sprout’ to emphasize that it is a young, budding block chain with great potential to grow.
What is Zcash's approach to governance?
Our fundamental philosophy is consensuality. Currently the Zcash Company is effectively leading development of the science, the protocol, and the reference client, as well as public communications and many other important tasks. In the long run the newly formed Zcash Foundation is expected to take over some of these roles, especially education, consumer protection, and the advancement of science. For now they say that they intend to keep letting the Zcash Company do its thing.


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zcash/zcash 4059 Stars 481 Contributers 924 Open Issues

Zcash - Internet Money


Tradeable CoinsTradeable Coins
6,973,731 (97% of total) ({tradeable_of_total} of total)

Exchange Markets

ExchangeExchange MarketMarket PricePrice DiffDiff Volume 24hVolume 24h SpreadSpread Spread $1kSpread $1k
Binance ZEC/BTC $58.41 -0.14% $1,550,140 0.18% 0.2%
Binance ZEC/USDT $58.46 -0.06% $823,076 0.26% 0.36%
Coinbase Pro ZEC/USDC $58.55 0.11% $565,941 0.1% 0.14%
Bitfinex ZEC/BUSD $58.49 0% $556,125 0.13% 0.21% ZEC/USDT $58.54 0.08% $387,583 0.17% 0.36%
Bitfinex ZEC/BTC $58.51 0.03% $243,729 0.22% 0.24%
Kraken ZEC/EUR $58.99 0.85% $212,660 0.16% 0.34%
Binance ZEC/ETH $58.36 -0.22% $150,299 0.22% 0.36%
Upbit ZEC/KRW $57.73 -1.3% $91,208 0.11% 0.77%
Kraken ZEC/BTC $58.55 0.11% $86,683 0.2% 0.2%
Gemini ZEC/USD $58.47 -0.04% $78,948 0.21% 0.24%
Binance ZEC/USDC $58.51 0.04% $75,766 0.6% 0.63%
Poloniex ZEC/BTC $58.37 -0.2% $65,104 0.3% 0.3%
Kraken ZEC/USD $58.47 -0.04% $64,394 0.02% 0.22%
Coinbase Pro ZEC/BTC $58.48 -0.02% $60,722 0.28% 0.44%
Binance ZEC/BNB $58.42 -0.13% $57,049 0.15% 1.2%
Bittrex ZEC/BTC $58.56 0.12% $53,470 0.29% 0.42%
Bittrex ZEC/USDT $59.13 1.1% $50,951 0.57% 0.57%
Poloniex ZEC/USDT $58.60 0.18% $43,515 0.36% 0.36%
Bittrex ZEC/USD $58.62 0.23% $35,969 0.29% 0.55%
Binance ZEC/PAX $58.86 0.63% $25,426 0.61% 0.65% ZEC/USD $60.46 3.4% $13,852 3.4% 10%
Gemini ZEC/BTC $58.67 0.31% $9,766.43 0.6% 0.6% ZEC/BTC $57.84 -1.1% $8,800.38 2% 7.5% ZEC/BTC $57.88 -1% $8,425.48 1.6% 1.9%
Binance ZEC/TUSD $58.68 0.33% $7,172.68 0.53% 0.58%
Poloniex ZEC/USDC $59.03 0.92% $6,513.77 0.79% 0.79%
Gemini ZEC/LTC $60.32 3.1% $5,060.96 26% 27%
Poloniex ZEC/XMR $58.45 -0.06% $4,415.75 1.1% 1.9%
Bittrex ZEC/ETH $57.97 -0.88% $2,276.38 0.56% 0.56%
Poloniex ZEC/ETH $58.72 0.4% $2,025.29 0.87% 0.87%
Gemini ZEC/BCH $58.02 -0.81% $683.97 48% 48%
Gemini ZEC/ETH $59.43 1.6% $669.52 1.2% 1.2% ZEC/EUR $64.47 10% $271.19 10% 31%
Kraken ZEC/JPY $57.82 -1.1% $178.86 2.6% 11%
Lykke ZEC/BTC $63.75 9% $0.0000 9.8%
Lykke ZEC/USD $66.41 14% $0.0000 10%

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